It’s the Perfect Time of Year to Fill Up on Savings Opportunities

With year-end rapidly approaching, you and your team will soon be convening to review the past year, navigate any final open items, and discuss budgeting needs and strategy for the road ahead. Lighting maintenance services, among many other facility management priorities, should be on the docket for discussion, as lighting accounts for a significant, consistent portion of facility and energy expenses.

Fortunately, this time of year presents an opportunity to shift your approach to lighting maintenance services from reactive to proactive. Often, it can be difficult to find the time or resources to make this change during the year — especially when lighting is functioning and thus doesn’t take precedence over broken-down assets or other major efforts.

However, another year of outdated ballasts and fixtures (e.g. T8 and T12 lamps), high energy costs, and reactive maintenance will inhibit any other progress you and your team might hope to make. Here, we’ll explore three specific lighting maintenance services that you can put to work right now to make the year ahead better than ever in terms of lighting asset performance, cost savings, and even sustainability initiatives.

Retailers — the need for proactive lighting maintenance is even greater for your brands this season. Learn more and how you can maximize your investment into lighting. 

LED Retrofits: One Investment, Endless Savings

Perhaps one of the greatest lighting maintenance services you should implement in your facility management program for the year ahead is a turnkey LED retrofit program. Replacing old, underperforming, and non-sustainable assets has both an immediate and long-term impact on energy utilization (and thus energy costs) as well as ongoing maintenance costs by delivering reliable performance and product lifespan. Additionally, if your organization is pursuing sustainability goals and metrics, LED retrofits help to reduce carbon emissions and landfill waste while ensuring future recyclability.

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Rebate Incentives: Maximize Your Return on Lighting

Utilities, municipalities, and suppliers all offer lucrative rebates (many of which are released in January) to incentivize organizations to reduce their energy consumption and improve sustainability via LED lighting retrofits. Pursuing these rebates isn’t always simple, however. Knowing where to start is often half the battle, followed by gathering the required information and submitting it in the format and timeframe needed in order to receive the rebate. Working with a partner on rebates as part of a proactive lighting maintenance services program will be critical.

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Asset Analysis: Identify Your Best Opportunities

Our last recommendation is not a specific lighting maintenance service but rather how you understand and manage the assets at your facilities overall. Right now, would you say you have a comprehensive list of every lighting asset — complete with model number, serial number, age, past service history, etc. — at each of your locations? It’s clear how helpful and essential this information is: with it, you can prioritize replacements and maintenance where they’re needed most, maximizing your budget and program ROI.

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Make the New Year Brighter Than Ever

Whether you’re just exploring solutions for reducing facility management costs or want to make an existing asset maintenance program more effective, lighting maintenance services from CLS is a proven method for achieving your goals. For more than 50 years, we’ve helped countless organizations across multiple industries build, implement, and measure effective asset maintenance programs that cover lighting, HVAC/R, signage, and more — proactively identifying issues before they become costly problems.

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