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Converting your facilities to upgraded, energy-efficient lighting has changed significantly in the past 10 years, but even more so in the past 12 months alone.

Understanding all of the elements that go into ideal LED lighting retrofits — along with selecting a partner that supports all of those elements — is integral in producing the most optimal results. Let’s look at the key elements and processes that go into producing great LED results.

6 Considerations for Successful LED Lighting Retrofits

1. Selection of the Right Specialist

While electrical service companies are there to support you with lighting and electrical repairs for your sites, selecting the right partner who specializes in LED lighting retrofits assures success. It’s important to choose a partner who can analyze all of the lighting in your facility, help to maximize your energy savings and utility rebates, and can support you with material warranties to justify making your LED project an investment with positive long-term savings.

2. Thorough Lighting Audits

Choosing the right partner means selecting a lighting specialist who does a detailed survey of your sites. A good partner is going to look at retrofitting existing fixtures to LED to avoid the much larger costs of fixture replacements. Additionally, reviewing all lighting elements — like emergency lighting, exterior lighting, and exit lighting — is imperative in making sure a site is fully converted to LED and will not result in service calls shortly after a project is completed. A thorough lighting audit should equate to a detailed LED retrofit proposal, breaking down the lighting types in each section of your facility to assure all of the bases are covered.

3. Maximizing Utility Rebates

While some costs may be on the rise for labor and materials nationwide, earning utility rebates for your lighting projects helps to create stronger returns on investment (ROIs) and optimize your projects. If you are looking to retrofit multiple facilities nationwide, CLS Facility Services is able to review your locations and help you to prioritize projects based upon which of your sites have the strongest current utility rebates, so that rebate monies can be maximized.

4. Timing

While your budgets may not allow for CapEx and LED projects to come to fruition until later in the year, begin the process early by having your sites surveyed so that you receive quotes early in the year and can analyze costs and ROIs so that you are ready to move forward when budgets allow. Furthermore, many utility rebate programs expire late in the year, so beginning the process early allows you to maximize rebates before they are gone. By waiting until the summer months to receive quotes, many of your strongest lighting partners may be amidst large projects and rebates may be on the cusp of expiration, so starting the process early in the year — even if budgets won’t allow for projects until after the first quarter — can be fruitful.

5. Project Management

As a facility manager, you are most likely receiving dozens of emails on a daily basis, managing many work orders simultaneously, and attending a slew of meetings. Selecting a company that excels at managing turn-key LED lighting retrofits is imperative, as it allows you to approve a proposal and let your partner manage each detail, from the shipment of product, to coordinating project start dates with your site contacts, to providing consistent updates on project completion. A strong partner should also be handling all key aspects like recycling of removed lamps, per EPA regulations, along with finalizing all rebate paperwork to maximize the investment.

6. Optimal Pricing & Warranties

While prices are on the rise worldwide, that doesn’t mean your LED projects have to be more expensive now than they were previously. CLS Facility Services has completed more than 10,500 turn-key lighting retrofits since 2012, helping clients to achieve more than 6,400 utility rebates along with managing the lighting warranties for each project. Large project volume equates to optimal LED pricing to produce strong ROIs and keep costs manageable. Additionally, securing industry-leading 10-year warranties assures that material and maintenance costs will be reduced for a long period of time.

Make the Right Selection for Your LED Lighting Retrofits

As you continue to upgrade your lighting, eliminate ballasts, and maximize energy savings, make sure to select a partner that is able to look at all elements of an LED project so that you not only receive a competitive price, but that you also make sure that the investments are maximized and your site contacts will appreciate the results of well-run projects with great LED lighting solutions.

Connect with us if we can be of any assistance as you look to achieve your lighting and energy management goals.