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LED Retrofit

Use Existing Lighting Systems to Save on Energy Costs and Improve Light Quality

Our turnkey LED retrofit capabilities revamp existing lighting technology with energy-efficient systems within the same electrical footprint. This is a more effective solution than replacing lighting systems and can lead to significant energy savings and rebate opportunities. And as your LED retrofit partner, CLS Facility Services can execute an LED retrofit program from start to finish across all of your locations, whether you have a few dozen or a few hundred.

What Our Turnkey LED Retrofits Include

  • Complete lighting audit of each location to produce detailed proposal
  • In-depth lighting retrofit solutions and energy savings analyses
  • Identifying all products to be used and managing warranties
  • Coordination of labor, materials, and field level support
  • Achieving targeted budgets and timelines
  • Managing federal, state and utility rebates/tax deductions
  • Recycling all lamps and ballasts in accordance with EPA Regulations

Advantages of an LED Retrofit for Your Organization

  • Lighting and energy savings of 30-80% on all projects
  • Added energy savings in HVAC
  • Reduced labor and material costs due to fewer reactive repair requests
  • Strong manufacturer warranty on lamps and ballasts to help reduce maintenance costs
  • Government Rebates & EPA Tax Deduction opportunities
  • Increased lighting quality & consistency

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Revitalize Your Lighting with CLS Facility Services

Our expert team has successfully completed more than 11,000 turnkey LED retrofits for multiple industries across the country. With each new project, we assign experienced team leads to keep you apprised at all times on project status. Furthermore, we’ll work with you to customize your project to meet budgetary needs and work with special scheduling. And well after your project is complete, we’ll be there to assist with managing warranties, rebates and providing additional support.

We achieve all this through our proven network of vetted contractors and vendors in the U.S. and Canada. As your project is executed, you’ll be able to access our client asset management portal to view work order statuses, access financial and asset information, and more.

Connect with us today to learn more about our turnkey LED retrofits.