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facility maintenance contractors & vendors

Proven Partners from Coast to Coast

We’ve partnered with numerous professional contractors and vendors throughout the United States — many of whom we’ve had relationships with for 12 years or more. These organizations have been carefully reviewed to ensure they’ll be able to meet our internal quality and service expectations as well as the facility and asset management requirements of our valued customers in multiple industries. Over time, we’ve developed enough close working relationships with trusted facility maintenance contractors and vendors to form a national network you can rely on.

And because we specialize in supporting companies with anywhere from 50 to 500 facilities nationwide, it’s critical that each contractor and vendor performs consistently — ensuring that your program is successful at every location you own and operate. Just some of the ways we ensure we’re working with the right companies include:

  • Complete vendor auditing process for verifying costs and labor
  • Random on-site audits of vendors’ work to verify scope
  • Vendor scorecards for maintaining service and quality
  • Vendor integrated voice response (IVR) system for coordination
  • Technology solutions for managing vendor invoices and more

Facility Maintenance Contractors & Vendors You Can Count On

Whether we’re helping you maintain the internal condition of your facilities through our HVAC services and preventive maintenance or support cost-savings initiatives such as LED retrofitting and lighting maintenance, you can rest assured that the contractor or vendor assigned to your locations has been vetted for their capabilities, quality of work, timeliness, and service to you and your employees.

To ensure that our network of facility maintenance contractors and vendors meets your expectations at all times, we require that certain service level agreements (SLAs) be upheld at all times. We know you expect a great deal out of our organization, and that’s why we expect a great deal out of those with whom we choose to partner to execute your facility and asset maintenance program.

Put Our National Network to the Test

If you’re looking for a new partner to support your locations throughout your organizational footprint, trust CLS Facility Services and our proven network to get the job done not only properly — but consistently. Connect with us today to learn more about our vendor program and to get started.

Interested in becoming a vendor with CLS Facility Services? Get started here.