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value-added services in facility management

Get Deep Insights into Your Facility and Asset Management

At CLS Facility Services, we understand that you need to be able to get instant insights into the details of your facility and asset management program and current status updates. You want to see performance analytics on your equipment, retrieve invoices and work orders, and know when contractors are working at your locations at any given time. That’s why we offer value-added services in facility management via advanced technology that keeps you informed 24/7.

Our innovative technology solutions allow you to:

  • View asset details, equipment analytics, and more
  • View real-time work order statuses and reports
  • View contractor details and preventive maintenance details

Our Technology Covers All the Bases

There’s more to facility and asset management programs than simply executing the work required to keep your environment, equipment, and employees running at peak performance. It’s critical that you understand all of the details of your program and have access to them around the clock. Our client management portal provides you with a wealth of readily-available information including:

  • Online quote submission, approval, and prioritization
  • Asset tracking capabilities with all equipment details
  • Warranty status tracking for new/replaced components
  • Belt replacement tracking and service information
  • Open service details for all locations and assets

Put Our Value-Added Services in Facility Management to Work

When you work with CLS Facility Services for your facility asset management program, you can rest assured that every aspect is being documented, assessed, and made available to you for visibility and decision-making. Our team continues to innovate new technology solutions to keep you connected to your facility and asset management program and provide even more advantages to you with our value-added services in facility management.

Connect with us today to learn more about our technology solutions and how they benefit your program.