And Learn How to Bridge the Knowledge Gap in the Facility Maintenance Industry

Are you prepared for the reality that, in the next three to five years, the skilled trades will be on the cusp of losing many experienced craftspeople? Unfortunately, this means the retirement — and the loss — of hundreds of skilled HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, and other skilled workers who bring their expertise and specialty crafts to the facility maintenance industry.

Alongside the demand for skilled tradespeople is the growing need for ongoing facility maintenance training. Moving forward, it will be crucial for companies — both on the service provider side and for the businesses that manage their facilities — to find new ways to train their staff. This includes endeavoring to support strong technical knowledge so that the facility management industry continues to flourish with skilled and knowledgeable people.

Unravel the current educational challenges in the trades below, and how flexible, interactive, new, cost-free facility maintenance training can begin to make a change in the industry.

A Few of the Top Challenges in Providing Professional Facility Maintenance Training

Many businesses currently find it challenging to provide professional training for their staff due to high costs, employees being “out of office” during training, or training not being prioritized. Regardless of the circumstances, at CLS Facility Services, we have found it highly beneficial to rely on industry partnerships. Strong facility maintenance partners can provide the training needed to help employees improve their technical knowledge, understand quotes and details, and become more educated in making key repair decisions.

How CLS Supports Ongoing Facility Maintenance Training

Facility managers and their teams benefit from the comprehensive training programs in HVAC, electrical, lighting, LED retrofit, and plumbing here at CLS Facility Services. Our internal staff delivers robust technical knowledge, ensuring participants gain a solid foundation in these essential areas.

To further enrich the learning experience, we collaborate with vendor partners who bring additional expertise to our sessions. These partners share realistic scenarios and current field insights, offering practical examples that illustrate the complexities and challenges faced in the industry today. By incorporating their valuable experience, we provide a more holistic and in-depth understanding of the trades.

Shorter, More Frequent Facility Training Sessions

Whether in a classroom or via a webinar, many people — even lifelong learners — find one to two hour training sessions to be cumbersome and tedious. Instead, we have found it very beneficial to offer 20- to 30-minute training sessions on specific trades and industry topics, and to conduct these sessions more frequently.

This new approach allows learners to stay focused, avoid long breaks in their daily schedules, and focus on succinct topics. It also facilitates question-and-answer sessions, making the training interactive. With the interactive nature of the shorter training sessions, our program allows trainees to absorb specific content without feeling overwhelmed and encourages them to ask questions.

We have found that these types of training sessions have been successful both virtually and in person. Best of all, these technical facility maintenance training sessions are cost-free.

Contact the CLS Facility Service Team for Your Training Needs

If your facility maintenance provider isn’t offering you cost-free ongoing education, make sure you inquire. Knowledge is power, and no matter how long someone has been in our industry, there is always new information to learn — from LED technology developments to HVAC control systems, to advances in HVAC filters, as well as identifying new “best practices” in plumbing and other FM trades.

Whether you run an HVAC company, manage a retail store, work as a technician in the field, or serve as a facility manager for a large chain of stores, restaurants, banks, or medical centers, ongoing facility maintenance training is essential.

If we can support you or your team with HVAC, lighting, electrical, LED retrofit, or plumbing training, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an educational interactive session today!