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Case Study: A Retail LED Retrofit Program with Brilliant Results

About Our Client

Our client is a home products retailer with more than 55 stores across more than 10 states. The company was looking for a more effective approach to complete retail LED retrofit management across its stores, including rebate preparation and turnkey support.

The Problem: A Need for New Assets and More Proactive Retail LED Retrofit Support

  • Our client was struggling with major repair costs that came from having to replace burnt-out ballasts and T8 lighting.
  • They wanted a provider who could offer detailed lighting system audits, perform turn-key LED project management, and maximize rebates to further drive down costs.
  • The warranties on its lamps and fixtures were weak, resulting in a reduced long-term investment.

The Solution: A Prioritized Approach to LED Retrofitting

  • The client reviewed their list of stores to analyze the locations with the most lamp and ballast outages.
  • We reviewed the completed list to prioritize stores with the strongest utility rebates in that geographical area and to create better ROI opportunities for retail LED retrofit projects.
  • We then performed detailed lighting audits, outlining a thorough lighting analysis of our recommended solutions at each facility. 
  • We executed seven retail LED retrofits in 2021 and 11 LED retrofits in 2022 to align with the client’s CapEx budgetary needs. An additional eight retrofit projects are slated for 2023.
  • Our exceptional team also secured an industry-leading 10-year warranty on all lamps. This was a significant achievement to maximize the longevity of our client’s investment.
  • Our retail LED retrofits eliminated all ballasts, creating major maintenance and energy savings moving forward. 
  • All 18 completed projects resulted in 55–72% energy savings, given the dynamic wattage reduction.

The Result: Significant Energy and Cost Reductions

  • Project execution was superb, with the CLS Team providing daily completion updates and managing all communications with store personnel.
  • Material lead times were very minimal, which was extremely beneficial during a time when lead times have been difficult on a national level. 
  • Rebates were achieved for every location where they were available. We even earned additional Electric Grid Incentive rebates — something other companies had never told us about.
  • Stores have had zero outages or warranty requests for lamps since completion of projects and are 100% lit, with no more ballasts.
  • Our client received wonderful feedback from store managers and personnel regarding larger light levels.
  • Stores had color uniformity as a result of the LED projects —i.e. no more varying colors due to multiple lamp specs. Uniformity throughout!

Improve Your Lighting and Reduce Energy Costs with CLS

CLS Facility Services provides a complete portfolio of preventive maintenance solutions for organizations across multiple industries with anywhere from 50 to 400 locations. Our program-level approach, highly experienced team, technology and management strategy, and nationwide vendor network ensure that all of your most critical assets — from lighting and HVAC/R systems to signage, FLS, and plumbing — are covered 24/7/365.

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