Why Using LED Lighting is Critical for Multisite Organizations

While it has been in use for some time, LED lighting remains a significant opportunity for businesses looking to reduce not only their energy expenses but also their impact on the environment. LED retrofits are a great way to implement them fairly quickly, but many organizations are still using outdated lamps and systems — indicating that the environmental impact of an LED retrofit may not be fully understood.

With environmental, social, and governance (ESG) demands adding pressure for organizations nationwide to report on their impact, there’s never been a better time to grow your knowledge on the environmental impact of LED retrofits and pursue this for your business. Here, we’ll explore the value of LED lighting and share a real-world example of how retrofitting existing assets can help you achieve sustainability goals.

The Impact of Outdated Lighting Systems

Whether you have a few dozen or a few hundred locations, energy use and maintenance is likely a leading cost for your business. The primary culprit here is outdated lamps, such as T8s and T12s. For many interior and exterior lighting applications, this includes Metal Halide lighting as well. These lamp types pose a number of financial and environmental challenges:

  • Higher wattage, and thus higher energy expense
  • Higher operating temperatures leading to higher cooling costs
  • Higher maintenance costs due to more frequent replacement
  • When lamps are replaced, they typically end up in landfills
  • The lamps contain mercury, a toxic environmental pollutant
  • Shorter warranties, creating the risk of additional costs
  • Contribute to higher carbon dioxide emissions

Why Use LED Lighting?

The financial and environmental impact of LED lighting, once implemented, can be significant — both immediately and over the long term. Below are some common results of conducting LED retrofits.

  • Wattage is reduced, leading to lower energy costs over time
  • LED lamps have lifespans of two to five times that of outdated lamps
  • Longer lamp lifespan reduces landfill waste by 400%
  • LED lamps are free from mercury for environmentally friendly disposal
  • A lower heat load reduces reliance on other utility services
  • LED lamps have significantly longer warranties to ensure lasting performance
  • LED reduces CO2 emissions (lighting is responsible for 6% of global emissions)

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Example: Early Investments in LED Yield Significant Returns

Recently, a major financial institution partnered with CLS Facility Services for support with a major LED retrofit initiative at more than 8,000 locations. We began with a pilot initiative in a single state, managing LED retrofit projects at 230 branches. Each branch averaged 15 fixtures requiring retrofitting. Replacing each of those throughout the pilot program resulted in:

  • Nearly $76,000 in annual energy savings
  • Ecological recycling of around 13,800 lamps containing mercury
  • Replacement with mercury-free LED lamps, creating green facilities
  • Avoidance of 6,900 pounds of lamps from entering landfills
  • A 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions through conversion
  • Reduced branches’ watt usage from 386,400 to 144,900 (62.5% energy savings)

Ready to Reduce Your Impact and Your Energy Expense?

CLS Facility Services works with organizations nationwide in multiple industries to help them understand, implement, and benefit from the environmental impact of LED retrofit services. For more than 50 years, we’ve been helping leading brands reduce their energy demand and make meaningful progress toward their environmental and sustainability goals. Learn more about our work on this front in our case studies.

With our national vendor network, experienced and tenured team, proactive approach toward asset maintenance, and countless other benefits, we’re the team you need to achieve your goals. Get in touch with us today to learn more about LED lighting and how our turnkey LED retrofits can benefit your organization.

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