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Case Study: Proving the Value of an Investment in the Latest LED Technology for a Brighter Tomorrow

About Our Client

Our client is a nationwide financial services and investment management firm with more than 8,000 locations across the United States. The client was seeking a solution for outdated lighting systems in its locations, which were costly and not environmentally sustainable.

The Problem: Need for Energy Savings While Also Reducing Environmental Impact

With a large number of locations containing outdated lamps, our client faced two significant challenges: high energy expenses and equipment that was not environmentally friendly or sustainable for the future.

  • Our client’s branches contained outdated T8 and T12 lamps, both of which contain mercury — a pollutant that is toxic to the environment.
  • The client was looking for a solution that would be recyclable per EPA regulations, help to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions, and mitigate landfill waste.
  • The client was also looking to reduce its overall energy consumption and expenses, which were significantly higher due to outdated lamps.

The Solution: Lighting the Way to a More Sustainable Footprint

Before proceeding with LED retrofits at all 8,000 locations, CLS Facility Services executed our LED retrofit pilot program at 230 locations throughout the state of Missouri. Working with our national vendor network there, we efficiently and successfully:

  • Recycled the older T8 and T12 lamps to prevent them from entering landfills where they risked contaminating the environment.
  • Implemented mercury-free LED lamps that are brighter and have a significantly longer lifespan that is 2–5 times that of the older lamps.
  • Ensured long-lasting lighting results thanks to the new LED lamps carrying an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

The Result: An Immediate Impact — Environmentally and Financially

Our LED retrofit pilot program set the stage for a much greater effort yet produced measurable results right away for the branches serviced.

  • Mitigated more than 6,900 pounds of old T8 and T12 lamps from entering landfills.
  • Achieved a 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions through LED conversion.
  • Reduced watts of electricity used from an estimated 386,400 to 144,900 thanks to LED (a 62.5% energy savings). In instances where branches had T12 lighting, conversion to LED resulted in an even greater energy savings of 78.8%.
  • Helped to reduce supporting utility costs thanks to the LED conversion, which reduced lighting heat load by 95%.

Invest in Energy and Sustainability Improvements with CLS Facility Services

Our turnkey LED retrofit capabilities have helped countless companies nationwide with anywhere from 50 to 500 locations achieve significant energy savings and chart a course to a more environmentally sustainable future. In addition to LED retrofit solutions, we also offer EV charger installation, proactive HVAC/R maintenance, lighting maintenance, electrical maintenance, signage maintenance, and more — all of which can contribute to reduced energy costs. We are also experts at identifying, pursuing, follow-up on, and securing valuable rebates from utilities and government agencies, which help to incentivize improvements and offset their related costs.

As your facility asset management partner, we’ll work closely with you to outline a program that works best for your locations, budget, and timeline. Along the way, we’ll report on progress via a dedicated account management team and an online portal containing everything you need, accessible to you 24/7/365. Rely on our highly experienced team, relentless commitment to service, and dedication to ensure the success of your facility asset management program.