There’s More Than One Reason Why Facility Leaders Love Working with Preventive Maintenance Aggregators

With the costs of new heating and air conditioning equipment, repair and maintenance services, fuel and energy, and more all increasing significantly in recent years, there’s never been a more important time to invest in HVAC preventive maintenance. On top of ensuring that assets are performing optimally, preventive maintenance helps to offset many of these rising expenses simply by having assets inspected on a recurring basis.

Recently, we explored the advantages of working with an aggregator — a company that manages facility asset maintenance work on your behalf — as your HVAC preventive maintenance partner. If you missed that first rundown, you can read the full overview here — but here’s a quick recap:

Here, we’ll continue this exploration of the advantages of working with a national HVAC preventive maintenance partner so you’re fully informed and can make the best decision possible for your organization’s facility asset maintenance needs.

4 More Reasons to Work with a National HVAC Preventive Maintenance Partner

1. One Uniform Scope of Work Nationwide

When you work with self-performing companies, you’re likely getting their own take on preventive maintenance. Multiplied by the number of locations you have across the country, and you’re looking at vastly inconsistent work scopes, varying degrees of quality, mismatched documentation, and more headaches. When you work with an aggregator as your HVAC preventive maintenance partner, all of these administrative hassles are eliminated. Instead, you get a uniform scope of work with clearly defined costs and timelines (more on this shortly) as well as consistent work execution at all of your locations. No surprises, no unknowns — just clarity and peace of mind.

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2. Customized Preventive Maintenance Frequency

This is an important one. Imagine engaging a self-performing commercial HVAC company for maintenance only to realize that their program (which you may or may not be able to customize) involves a specified number of service calls and other unnecessary requirements. Your locations may only have one or two units, but their program is designed for a much larger operation. Or, it could be the reverse — not providing enough service as frequently to support your assets. With the right national HVAC preventive maintenance partner, you’ll collaborate on the right level of service needed and its frequency — ensuring that what you need is exactly what you receive.

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 3. Adapting to Remodels and Store Relocations

Your organization is a living entity that changes with time. Thus, your preventive maintenance strategy should also change as needed. When remodels arise or even store locations change, your partner should be involved in that process and make adjustments as needed. You shouldn’t be pigeonholed into unbreakable agreements for certain schedules or services that no longer apply or make sense based on your store locations and the assets in them. An aggregator will be an active partner in adapting your preventive maintenance strategy to your shifting needs.

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4. Proactively Mitigating Return Trips and Quotes

In addition to maximizing asset uptime and helping to control facility asset maintenance costs, one of the greatest benefits of a proactive national HVAC preventive maintenance partner is the reduction you’ll see in return service calls and quotes. With an aggregator at the helm, every service vendor that works on your assets understands — and commits to — the level of quality expected from them and has already ironed out its respective pricing with the aggregator. The result is great work done correctly the first time and with pricing that’s known from the start. This eliminates wasted time and effort on your end while preventing unexpected costs and delays.

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The Ideal HVAC Partnership Starts Here

At CLS Facility Services, we work with organizations across multiple industries to assist them with proactive HVAC preventive maintenance programs. Focusing on companies with anywhere from 50 to 500 locations, we not only help maintain HVAC assets but also provide extensive value-adds to maximize your knowledge and overall success:

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