Selecting a Facility Management Partner to Build Your HVAC Asset List

While planning, scheduling, and performing strong HVAC preventative maintenance is paramount, the collection of data is equally influential. In a strong HVAC partnership, companies shouldn’t have to pay additional costs to capture important asset information.

Through a skillfully run HVAC preventive maintenance program, equipment information can be gathered accurately during the PM process. If your HVAC partner does not provide this level of service and detail, know that there are partners who can achieve this for you.

A complete HVAC equipment list isn’t the only advantage of a strong partner: Learn more about what an ideal service provider should prioritize in this guide.

5 Key Elements to Strong HVAC Equipment Management

  1. Building a Detailed Equipment List — It is important to capture Make, Model, Serial Number, and Year for all HVAC assets. This helps you to work with your HVAC provider to know the age and condition of your equipment to quote repairs and replacements accordingly and to build a consultative partnership for what is best for your sites.
  2. Maximizing HVAC Warranties — A detailed HVAC equipment list makes sure that you are never paying for items that are under warranty. This creates major savings when your vendor partner is quoting compressor, heat exchanger, condenser, and evaporator coil work, and so much more. A diligent HVAC partner will work with the manufacturer to maximize warranties so that you pay $0.00 in material cost for components under warranty.
  3. Prioritizing Key Locations — Do you have stores, restaurants or clinics that are your top-volume sites? Do you have sites that have just one HVAC unit, where if that lone unit goes down business could be negatively impacted? Strong tracking of asset management and equipment work history can prevent costly lead times and foster more proactive initiatives.
  4. CapEx Planning — When your partner develops accurate equipment list data, detailed work history, and tracks preventive maintenance records intricately, they can help you to budget for HVAC unit replacements proactively, in addition to pinpointing equipment that may require taking a more proactive approach.
  5. People are Assets, Too — Building numbers and data are imperative, but a strong HVAC service partner provides people with technical knowledge and tenured experience to help you make key decisions, support your budget needs, and to be consultative in helping you to make important calls on replacing a unit, repairing a unit or holding off until a repair becomes more vital.

Work with CLS to Consolidate Vendors, Streamline Facility Management, and Understand Asset Performance

As a leading facility asset maintenance aggregator, CLS Facility Services offers HVAC equipment list building in multiple formats as part of our complete HVAC asset maintenance program. Our cost-free asset management portal builds an online database of your HVAC assets on a site-by-site basis — detailing make, model, serial number, and year. This data can be presented in a variety of formats for easy viewing and reference.

The advantages of such a list are numerous. Building a thorough and accurate HVAC asset list allows facility maintenance teams to better understand how their assets are performing to streamline program management. This enables teams to budget more precisely, plan more proactively, and have a more definitive approach to HVAC CapEx planning.

Connect with our team today to learn more about our HVAC asset list and other facility asset maintenance capabilities.