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Temporary Heating Systems and Solutions

We’ve said it from the inception of this blog in 2013, and throughout our 44 years in business: Preventive maintenance (PM) plays an essential role in keeping your HVAC unit or units running smoothly and efficiently for years on end….

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CLS Facility Services - a Facilities Maintenance Company

Choosing the Right HVAC Filter – Part II

Types of HVAC Filters There are a wide variety of filters that have special applications.  For rooftop HVAC units (RTUs), there are three basic types of air filters:     Fiberglass     Polyester     Poly cotton pleated Selecting the Right Filter…

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Guide to HVAC Filters – Part I

The word ‘filter’ shouldn’t leave much to the imagination. It’s truth in advertising. A filter…filters. And that’s a good thing for everyone concerned. In the realm of HVAC, filters matter big-time. When they’re clean and working properly, they keep HVAC…

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