In our previous post, we mentioned that the primary function of HVAC cloud EMS is measuring temperature deltas and sending alerts about potential issues. But it also measures run and cycle times which, in the end, actually creates a profile of the health of your unit.

What does that mean? Say your store manager in Tuscaloosa, Alabama calls and says it’s really hot in his store. With HVAC cloud EMS, you can go online, zero in on that store and see how many times that unit cycled, the health of the unit, its age, and the delta of the air temperature and the temp in that store. If it turns out that the delta falls within the acceptable range, a service call won’t be needed, but you’ll still have to find out why the manager is hot!

CLS’s HVAC cloud EMS allows users to review all reports, and access all equipment online, 24/7/365, free of charge. Others charge a monthly fee to access this data.

Sophisticated EMS solutions for large retail spaces can diagnose specific problems and deliver granular detail about system performance. They do great work, but they’re extremely expensive. CLS’s HVAC cloud EMS indicates when units are not working properly, which is what we believe smaller retailers really need – especially retailers with hundreds or even thousands of stores. Just like CLS’s PM Logic® gets the right amount of maintenance at the right location and the right units, our HVAC cloud EMS ensures that you are aware of the status and performance of every piece of equipment in real time.

Also note that the HVAC cloud EMS we sell is hard wired into an Ethernet connection. Additionally, it’s the lowest-cost solution on the market that is PCI compliant, so data is outgoing only, which offers absolute security.

We hope you’ve found this information on HVAC cloud EMS valuable. We love talking about HVAC cloud EMS, and we’d welcome the chance to discuss it further with you, or even set up and run a pilot test for your stores. For more information about CLS’s Cloud EMS services, or all other CLS services, please call us at 800-548-3542.