In concluding our blog series on lighting retrofits, we want to recap the many benefits of these projects, including some of the hidden benefits that are often overlooked. Though energy savings will always be the driving force behind lighting retrofit projects, additional benefits are numerous and substantial:

  • Significant maintenance and material savings that results from the extended life of new technologies;
  • Better-lit facilities, which improve your business’ aesthetic appearance. Lighting retrofits help businesses shine – literally;
  • Increased light levels, which promote safety and help to boost security in and around your facility;
  • Potentially higher employee morale and efficiency, thanks to a more professional-looking, better-lit facility.

Don’t just take our word, though; we’ve included some direct feedback from CLS Facility Services customers on their reactions to lighting retrofit projects that we performed:

“With the facility so much brighter, I wish we had done this project over a year ago when the rebate would have paid for everything, and the energy savings would have kicked in immediately.” – Owner, large manufacturing facility

“I can candidly say that this project is one of the smoothest we’ve ever done. Had I known the results would have been this great, we would have done the project a long time ago.” – President, industrial/office facility

“The new LED lighting brings out the natural appearance of the merchandise so much better.” – Director of Merchandise, professional sports team

“Up in the bleachers watching practice, I can see the kids’ names and numbers on their uniforms for the first time in ten years of coaching here” – High school basketball coach, following a school gymnasium lighting retrofit

In closing, consider some of the primary reasons to initiate a lighting retrofit project now:

  • “The cost of waiting” only delays energy savings, oftentimes in excess of $1,000 per month;
  • Utility rebate programs, if still available in your area, will only remain available for a relatively short time;
  • Large annual maintenance and materials costs associated with constantly replacing lamps and ballasts can be greatly reduced, or eliminated altogether;
  • Well-lit facilities project a positive image for your business and can help boost employee morale and efficiency.

We hope this blog series on lighting retrofits has provided great insight on these beneficial projects.

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