When it comes to interior lighting retrofits, the cost of waiting can quickly add up. With the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) quickly phasing out T12 ballasts and lamps, those
outdated technologies seem to cost companies more money each day. Converting to T8 and T5 technologies helps to make your facilities EPA-compliant, and the benefits don’t end there. Consider:

  • 20-80% energy savings;
  • Utility rebates that help to offset the cost of the projects;
  • 2-10 times the life of their predecessors, which can lead to big maintenance
    savings over time;
  • Material savings, since new lamps have greater life and are under warranty;
  • Increased color rendering and lighting uniformity throughout a facility;
  • Improved spread of light;
  • A higher percentage of light levels maintained throughout a light’s lifespan;
  • Improvement in the overall image and aesthetic appearance of your facility, which can help boost marketing and sales efforts, as well as employee morale.

It’s important to note that utility rebates may only be available for a limited time. As lighting retrofit projects become increasingly popular, rebate allocations do have their limits. While rebates can sometimes help to pay for 10, 20 or even 50% of a project, energy and maintenance savings are the ultimate motive.

For example, a $50,000 lighting retrofit project may yield $12,000 in annual energy savings; but the rebate opportunities, maintenance and material savings, and the vast improvement in the quality of light, are the added benefits of these projects.

Here are a few tips to consider when considering interior lighting retrofits for your facility:

  • Select lighting technologies with strong rated life and good warranties;
  • All lamp specs should have the same color temperature, so that lighting is uniform
    throughout a facility;
  • Lighting retrofits offer more light! Therefore, consider “de-lamping” or removing fixtures in areas where light levels are strong in order to maximize energy savings;
  • Retrofit all lighting when you execute a project: exit signs, restrooms and cove lighting offer large savings, too;
  • Never underestimate the positive impact that better lighting will have on employee morale and the aesthetic image of your building(s).

Next time: We’ll delve into the basics and benefits of exterior lighting retrofits.

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