LED Retrofits and the Importance of Maximizing Maintenance Savings and Strong Warranties

It goes without saying that energy savings are the driving catalyst behind LED retrofit conversions. New lighting technologies are increasingly cost efficient and can create strong ROIs and impactful utility energy savings. In addition to energy savings, utility rebate programs help to support stronger paybacks on lighting retrofit projects and support even stronger results.

Despite energy savings driving many projects, did you know that both maintenance savings and strong LED warranties can be equally impactful? The ability to rid your facilities of older technologies drives massive additional savings that not only support your facility maintenance budgets, but also create safer buildings, foster eco-friendly results, and allow your facility teams to focus on non-lighting areas of need budgetarily, moving forward.

Case in pointLearn how a pilot LED retrofit program helped this investment firm reduce carbon dioxide emissions, landfill waste, energy utilization, and maintenance costs.

Five Reasons Why LED Retrofit Projects Impact Maintenance Savings & Benefits your Facility Maintenance Budget

  1. Ballasts No More!Ballast elimination is a very large component in converting to LED. By installing new LED technologies, ballasts are eliminated, creating one failure point (the lamps) moving forward. Oftentimes large buildings eliminate hundreds and even thousands of ballasts in a single-site LED retrofit, creating maintenance savings for years to come.
  2. Major Increase in Lamp Life — LED retrofits result in the elimination of metal halide, high pressure sodium, T8, T12, T5, and other older technologies. In each case, LED lamps and new LED fixtures have a life expectancy two to five times longer than the older technologies they are replacing.
  3. Go Green Impact — The vast majority of older lighting technologies contain significant amounts of mercury, requiring the EPA recycling of those removed lamps and ballasts. Moving forward, LED technologies do not contain mercury, creating greener, more environmentally-friendly, safer buildings.
  4. Rock-Solid Warranties — LED retrofits result in replacing a multitude of lighting technologies, most of which are long past their warranty period. A good partner will help you to secure strong 8-10 year industry-leading LED warranties so that you reap the benefit of material and maintenance savings for years to come.
  5. Aesthetic and Uniformity — Perhaps the greatest hidden gem of an LED retrofit is the aesthetic appeal of a well-done project and the savings that are associated with that impact. Conversion to LED creates uniform color temperature throughout the space, increases light levels, increases the spread of light, and can even improve employee morale by brightening and beautifying your facilities. Don’t underestimate the cost avoidance of not having to replace dimming lights, redoing lighting to match color temperatures, replacing ballasts that burn out too soon, and adjusting lighting every other year due to dimming light levels with older technologies.

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Take Your LED Retrofit Projects Further with the Right Partner

While energy savings are so impactful in converting your facilities to LED lighting, maintenance savings and strong warranties are equally imperative and should be taken into consideration and utilized in calculating returns on investment. As you continue to look at 100% conversion of your facilities to LED, make sure that your facility maintenance partner is helping you to maximize each and every project.

At CLS Facility Services, our turnkey LED retrofit capabilities have helped numerous organizations nationwide achieve significant, measurable results in energy savings, maintenance savings, and environmental and sustainability goals.

But as an aggregator, our value extends far beyond your lighting assets. We also support organizations with HVAC preventive maintenance, plumbing, electrical maintenance, fire-life safety, and more — all with a proactive approach that maximizes asset performance while helping you stay ahead of potential issues. With proven service vendors nationwide, an online asset management portal, and a dedicated team, CLS is the partner you need to maintain your assets and maximize savings opportunities.

Connect with us today to learn more about our LED retrofit capabilities and how we can support all of your locations with a unified scope of work.