The Value of a Service Aggregator Goes Beyond Growth Alone

Whether you’re a commercial HVAC company, plumbing services provider, lighting service company, or a signage installation and repair firm, it’s no secret that working with a service aggregator can greatly benefit your business. The amount of opportunities that can be funneled to your business can expand your customer base and your revenue.

While growth is one of the leading reasons asset maintenance companies partner with aggregators, the value that a service aggregator provides extends beyond the financial sphere. There are significant benefits that many often don’t consider because they follow as a result of a consistent, long-term relationship. Let’s dig into several of these value-adds to help you decide if working with a service aggregator is right for your business.

Need a refresher on just what a service aggregator is? Learn the difference between aggregators and self-performers here.

They Reduce Your Operational and Business Development Complexity

Generating business throughout your footprint takes significant time. You have to market, deal with RFQs and proposals, maintain communications with prospects and customers, and more — to say nothing of actually managing the work and the associated information that comes along with it (such as quotes, invoices, etc. from suppliers). With a service aggregator, much of this work is done for you. Imagine growing your business without having to do more paperwork and data management. Sounds like a dream!

They Connect You with Larger Accounts and Build Your Expertise

Because they operate on a national scale, aggregators’ clientele are typically larger brands with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of locations. It may be difficult to break into these clients if you’re a local/regional business that they erroneously deem too small to support their needs. However, as a part of a service aggregator’s national vendor network, you’d be connected with these opportunities and can put your best foot forward — allowing you to showcase your work for and build experience with larger name brands.

They Bring More Advanced Technology to the Table

You likely have a project management resource or other management technology in place, but do you ever wish it could do more for your business? Perhaps it’s limited on features, or you can only use it for certain types of projects or assets. Modifying such tools is often difficult without paying enterprise-level fees. As a vendor partnered with a service aggregator, you’d have greater access to asset management technology, allowing you to better organize and report on your customers’ work while also streamlining information management for resources such as invoices, estimates, work orders, and so on.

They Help Build Your Team

This one might be surprising, but it has to do with longevity, trust, partnership, and growth. All of the great reasons to work with a service aggregator can lead to happier employees due to more growth opportunities, consistent work streams, the ability to work on the latest assets, experience-building opportunities, and more. Because service aggregators emphasize long-term partnerships, your business has the opportunity to enjoy all of these benefits and more for a long time, meaning you could see employee retention improve. This has subsequent benefits as well, such as more experienced and knowledgeable employees, better customer service satisfaction, higher public ratings, and more.

Get All of These Benefits and More with CLS Facility Services

CLS Facility Services is a leading facility asset management company serving leading brands across multiple industries with their most pressing maintenance challenges. Our proactive approach and national reach mean we’re always growing and partnering with new vendors in HVAC/R, lighting, signage, plumbing, FLS, and more. If you’ve been looking for a service aggregator that can not only help grow your business but also add significant value along the way, we’re ready to work with you.

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