Looking to Grow Your Business? Work with a Facility Management Aggregator

A facility management aggregator is an organization that works with vendors — in LED project work, HVAC/R, lighting, electrical, plumbing, FLS, and other disciplines — to execute consistent facility management scopes of work for its clients, rather than executing the work with their own in-house teams (i.e. self-performers). Learn more about the key differences here.

If you’re a provider of facility management services, working with an aggregator is one of the best ways to add a repeatable revenue stream to your business. An example, say you’re a commercial HVAC/R vendor that provides maintenance, sales, and installation. You likely dedicate a fair amount of time each month to promoting your business and bringing in new opportunities, as well as taking care of clients that call in with repair needs or quotes. These are great, but they’re not consistent or guaranteed.

By partnering with a facility management aggregator, you’re added into a network of vendors nationwide that are assigned maintenance and unit replacement work throughout a specific regional footprint. If you service a two- or three-state area, you would be assigned consistent preventive maintenance work on existing units for clients at all of their locations in that territory, or the areas that you are best able to serve. This provides a reliable source of revenue and work that can help you grow.

Here, we’ll provide three quick steps to help frame how this journey begins and what to expect as you move forward.

1. Identify and Evaluate the Right Facility Management Aggregator

There are a number of facility management aggregators nationwide that you can partner with, but quantity does not equate to quality in terms of partnership value. When you’re ready to start working with an aggregator, it’s important to consider details of their organization such as how long their customers have been with them — and their employees. Also, carefully consider their service philosophy — both to their vendor partners and their customers. You want to make sure you’re working with a reputable organization you can rely on for years to come.

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2. Start Building the Partnership

Again, you can partner with virtually any aggregator, but you need to make sure it’s going to be the right one for your business — more specifically, that they’re going to add value for you. The last thing you want is to sign up to be a vendor with an aggregator and not hear from them for a year. What program types do they offer? For example, it’s far better to work with an aggregator that offers preventive maintenance and CapEx planning solutions versus one-off break/fix work. Work orders are more consistent and repeatable as opposed to last-minute repairs, thus ensuring more frequent revenue for your business.

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3. Grow the Relationship — and Your Business

Once you’re all set up and are beginning to receive work orders for preventive maintenance or service call work, it’s important to keep the relationship strong. Learn how you can continue to work together, add value for your respective organizations, and add value for the companies you serve. Over time, the strength of your partnership will lead to continued business and revenue growth.

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Start Your Growth Journey with CLS Facility Services

With customer and employee tenures of well over a decade and a half, we’re the aggregator that many HVAC/R, lighting, signage, electrical, plumbing, and FLS vendors have turned to for additional revenue. We operate nationwide and complete tens of thousands of preventive maintenance programs annually, all through the strength and partnership of our national vendor network.

Our productivity-boosting technologies, commitment to transparency and clarity in our estimates and scopes of work, and true relationship-oriented approach with our customers and vendors have led to some of the longest-term partnerships in the industry. We’re ready to build one with you.

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