For companies that build and sell products, quality control is a pretty straightforward proposition: A product is manufactured based on strict design specifications; that product is then inspected in order to determine whether or not it meets those specifications; and any deviations are identified using quantifiable metrics.

But how do you quality control (QC) a service when an HVAC vendor performs a preventive maintenance (PM) program on a rooftop unit (RTU) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama – particularly when you can’t be on site to view that PM being performed? How do you know that you’re getting what you’re paying for?

The honest answer is, you really don’t. Most national HVAC management companies are third-party companies. They may say they’ll implement a thorough PM program; but for facility managers like you, it’s difficult to accurately evaluate their fitness for the job, and their performance when they’re in the field – presumably working on your units.

This challenge harkens back to The 13 Questions to Ask a National HVAC Services Provider that we posted in our blog in May 2014.

At CLS Facility Services, we understand how challenging this aspect of facility management can be. That’s why we developed QC Logic®, a proprietary CLS solution designed to centrally and systematically quality control HVAC contractors, and by doing so, help to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth when it comes to third-party HVAC contractor services.

Through QC Logic®, CLS’s vendor relations team ensures that all contractors meet our exacting standards in areas that include credentials, insurance, references, work history, general background, and any signed agreements that prohibit sub-contracting.  Additionally, CLS’ certified technical team reviews each quote for completeness, precision, cost-effectiveness, and alternative options. QC Logic® is ideally suited to HVAC, but we designed it to work with all other CLS services as well.

QC Logic® offers big benefits: Service providers know they are being audited, so PMs and R&M are done accurately and on time – or else the provider risks future business. Additionally, their work scopes are implemented 100%, and manufacturer specifications are followed. In the case of HVAC PM, proper filters are used, and no shortcuts are taken. The list goes on.

In our next installment, we’ll examine the four specific stages of QC Logic® in detail. Until then, please call us at 800-548-3542 to learn more about CLS’s facility services, including national HVACelectricallightingplumbing and project management.