As a facility manager, you get service quotes every day – for windows, doors, plumbing, roofing, air conditioners and more. You name it, the quotes keep coming in; they never seem to stop. So if you oversee hundreds or even thousands of stores, how do you decide which quotes are critical, and which aren’t?

Consider this question from an HVAC perspective alone. You probably get a steady stream of quotes for repairs at locations throughout your geographic footprint…maybe a $700 service call here, a $1,000 repair there, a $3,000 replacement estimate somewhere else. Before you know it, you’re blowing through your facility management budget, and there’s no good way to tell whether you made truly wise choices.

All quotes aren’t created equal. Rather, they should be considered based on established criteria, and prioritized accordingly.

At CLS Facility Services, our PM Logic® solution manages this critical function, and helps facility managers make the right decisions on the many quotes they receive each day.

To illustrate this, consider three hypothetical quotes:

Quote #1: This is a replacement quote for a unit that isn’t working at all – it’s not blowing any cold air. The situation is critical. In our proprietary PM Logic®, we’ll tag this quote as red.

Quote #2: This is also a replacement quote, though in this case, the unit is chugging along and challenged. Perhaps the compressor is pulling 19 amps, so it’s running too high, and it will need to be replaced eventually, though not necessarily tomorrow. In PM Logic®, we’ll tag this quote as yellow.

Quote #3: This quote is for a recommended repair to a given unit that is relatively new and functioning well. The repair is prudent, and something you’ll want to eventually do – probably down the road. In PM Logic®, we’ll tag that quote as green.

Now, through PM Logic®, we possess a schedule that clearly shows which service calls are necessary, and in what order. And so, if you as a facility manager are challenged to stay within your budget, what’s your next move? According to PM Logic®, you focus on the red-tagged quotes. Once you handle the red quotes – and assuming you’re staying within budget – then perhaps you move on to the yellow-tagged quotes. Eventually, you address the green-tagged ones as well – and you can schedule those, perhaps as part of the next scheduled PM on the unit in question to avoid an emergency call to address those issues.

As we said in our previous posts, CLS Facility Services’ PM Logic® helps you make these kinds of strategic, smart decisions that save money and keeps equipment running smoothly.

To learn more information about PM Logic®CLS’s National HVAC service, or CLS’s other Logic solutions – QC Logic® and CM Logic®, please call us at 800-548-3542.