In our last post, we talked about the challenges of designing and implementing a thorough HVAC preventive maintenance (PM) program, and we highlighted CLS Facility Services’ PM Logic® as a solution to this critical facility management challenge.

To recap, PM Logic® is an industry exclusive solution from CLS that transforms troubleshooting into logical and effective maintenance management. It provides easy, Web-based access to industry knowledge that can save you time, keep your equipment healthy and efficient for years, and optimize your facility management budget.

One of the central questions that PM Logic® answers is, what level and frequency of repairs does your equipment really need? PM Logic addresses this through what we call the PM Logic® Score.

Most HVAC PM programs are designed to deliver the same frequency of service across a company’s portfolio of stores, regardless of unit age, condition or other key variables. At CLS, we think this approach just doesn’t make sense.

It’s easy to budget four annual PMs for every store, but it’s not prudent. For example, there is no good reason to schedule four PMs on a pristine rooftop unit (RTU) on a mountaintop in arid Utah. If your portfolio also includes an old RTU in hot and humid Mobile, Alabama with a history of problems, wouldn’t you rather take two PMs away from the Utah RTU and add them to the Mobile RTU’s annual PM program?

We think it’s a sensible approach; but with numerous stores under management, the broad task can be overwhelming.

Enter the PM Logic® Score. As part of our proprietary PM Logic® solution, a separate score is created for each rooftop unit (RTU) based on that specific piece of equipment’s history, no matter the number of units or stores. Key inputs are derived from CLS’ extensive field experience, as well as from specific customer-supplied information.

Depending on the PM Logic® Score, CLS’s HVAC technical team then determines the optimal level and type of repairs needed on the equipment. We provide a list of stores that can get by with, say, two PMs per year, and others that may need six. Your budget will stay the same; you’re simply allocating the resources where they are most needed.

In the end, a PM Logic® Score serves as a driver for us at CLS to act intelligently on your behalf when we send a quote to you. PM Logic® Score is the personification of CLS working alongside our customers, sharing information so that decisions can be made intelligently about undertaking – or not undertaking – expensive repairs. If you as a facility manager oversee hundreds or even thousands of stores, and a vendor like CLS makes strategic and informed recommendations to you about your HVAC expenditures, then your job becomes much, much easier.

Check back soon for our next installment on HVAC quote management. In the meantime, please call us at 800-548-3542 to learn more about CLS’s National HVAC service, or all other CLS services.