The Heat is Coming — Seasonally and Economically

As an HVAC service company, you’re already deep into scheduling preventive maintenance, repair, and installation for your customer base. And while it is indeed the season for companies to be seeking asset management companies for HVAC, economic concerns mean facility management budgets are under more scrutiny than ever.

It’s a complex time with the need for HVAC support increasing — yet companies are more concerned about their spending than usual due to recession fears, budget cuts, and less capital investment. As a result, HVAC service providers looking to continue growing should consider additional revenue stream options to their current growth plan.

A strong solution is to partner with a facility management aggregator. Whereas self-performing companies execute the work using internal personnel, aggregators partner with service providers and provide them with contracts. Depending on the client and the number of locations, aggregators will leverage multiple partnerships with service companies in different regions to keep all of the client’s locations supported.

Advantages of Working with Asset Management Companies for HVAC

Established Relationships

Perhaps one of the best reasons to start working with asset management companies for HVAC opportunities is the fact that they have relationships already in place. Nationwide aggregators in particular have relationships with large brands that have anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred locations. This means there’s plenty of work to be had, especially with proactive HVAC preventive maintenance. You’ll gain access to consistent cycles of maintenance work to bring more revenue into your business.


A common barrier to establishing a new relationship is the technology used by the client and the service provider. Often, the two use separate (and disparate) systems — preventing services from moving forward. But by working with asset management companies for HVAC, you can focus on doing your work while the supporting information and financial details are channeled into the work order management system and portals that are already in place between the asset management company and the client. This means you don’t have to waste time learning and adopting a new system — you’re able to focus on execution and growth.

CapEx Approach

This is dependent on the asset management company you work with, but some companies support their clients with CapEx budgeting and planning. Rather than wait for HVAC assets to experience downtime or break down completely, they help their clients proactively order replacements according to a prioritized list of locations that are at the most risk. The upfront investment is planned at the CapEx level, avoiding unplanned OpEx expenses for the client. The advantage for your business is that you’re not only provided with opportunities to execute maintenance work but also order new equipment.

Build a Partnership and Grow Your Business with CLS Facility Services

CLS Facility Services works with a variety of vendors nationwide for HVAC, lighting, signage, plumbing, fire and life safety, and more. On average, our partnerships with these organizations have been in place for 12 years — meaning that when you work with us, we’re in for the long haul. Just as you commit to executing reliable work for our clients, we commit to you — helping you grow your business and supporting you with each and every contract sent your way. Our experienced, tenured team prioritizes communication and service in all that we do for our clients, and that same focus applies to our relationship with our vendors.

If you’ve been considering ways to bring in new commercial revenue to your business, we’d enjoy an opportunity to speak with you. Getting started as a CLS vendor is simple — just reach out to us here and provide some information about your business. Our vendor relations team will get in touch with you right away to learn more, explain how we work, and finalize the details. We look forward to working with you!