In our last installment, we made the case for analyzing and assessing your preventive maintenance (PM) program as we head into the heating season. Now, we want to provide you with links to some general PM heating season checklists, as well as start-up strategies for various heating sources and other important information.

Just to recap, efficient and reliable heating is just as critical for a business – especially retailers – as cooling is. Just as shoppers tend to avoid hot stores, they avoid cold stores during cold winter months.

A good HVAC PM schedule takes all variables that are relevant to your unit or unit portfolio into account up front, including geographies, specific site locations and conditions, unit ages and conditions, warranty status, and past repairs. A good PM program also includes start-up and maintenance checklists designed specifically for each unit; it anticipates potential problems before they appear; and ideally, it should have the capacity to process information specific to your units that allow you and your facilities team to make intelligent decisions.

Helpful Heating Season Preparation Links

For heating start-up checklists for natural gas RTUs, electric heating, oil heating, propane heating and heat pumps, read our recent Start-Up Strategies blog post.

For a quick energy-saving tip, read our recent Energy Savings blog post.

For a general year-round comprehensive PM checklist, read our recent Comprehensive PM Checklist blog post.

CLS PM Logic®

CLS Facility Services designed PM Logic® specifically to address these concerns, and many, many more. PM Logic® is an industry exclusive, easy-to-use online interface that provides comprehensive data-driven analysis and operational recommendations, including:

  • PM recommendations for your specific unit type, including situational and environmental variables;
  • Repair tracking and status updates, including a detailed history of service calls, repairs, open work orders and previous quotes;
  • Equipment evaluation and replacement data;
  • Equipment replacements;
  • Warranty tracking that helps clients realize money-saving opportunities;
  • Energy management system installation and monitoring.

PM Logic® provides a wealth of HVAC asset management knowledge that is both site sensitive and RTU specific. Just as important, it makes that knowledge easy to access and manage through CLS’ simple online system.

For more information about CLS’s national HVAC services, or the PM Logic® facility asset management solution, please call us at 800-548-3542.