Fire Life Safety Preventive Maintenance (PM) Services

It’s critical that the fire life safety equipment in all your facilities functions as it should, stays reliable over time and conforms to all applicable codes. If it doesn’t, your company can face costly fire safety code violations and potential property damage from fire and smoke.

Most importantly, properly functioning fire life safety equipment protects and saves lives. The safety of everyone in your stores and facilities – employees, customers and clients – is paramount.

CLS’ fire life safety preventive maintenance (PM) services take all of the many worries about your fire life safety equipment off your plate.

Fire Life Safety PM Services

As part of your fire life safety PM, experienced CLS technicians carefully inspect the following fire life safety equipment at each of your locations:

  • Portable fire extinguishers (service and tag)
  • Emergency and exit signage and emergency lighting (includes inspection and testing)
  • Door panic alarms (includes inspection and testing)
  • Fire extinguisher signs

Additional services:

  • Recharging and testing of fire extinguishers
  • Sales of new fire extinguishers
  • Reactive maintenance for fire life safety equipment and services*

* Extinguisher parts are supplied as needed per manufacturer’s specifications.

CLS performs all work in accordance with local, state and NFPA codes.

Once fire life safety PMs are completed at each facility, your account team will send you a completion report with all findings documented, and action items highlighted.

Frequency and timing

CLS’ fire life safety PM services are designed to occur once annually as regularly scheduled inspections, just like our HVAC PM program. For each location, we schedule each yearly inspection in advance at your convenience. Your program is fully customizable—we can schedule completion of fire life safety PMs at each of your locations over a short duration (e.g., one-month period); or we can spread them out over the course of a year—whichever you prefer.

Benefits of CLS Fire Life Safety PM:

  • Assurance that the fire life safety equipment at each of your facilities functions optimally
  • Further assurance that this equipment is in-date and conforms to all applicable building and municipal codes
  • Up-front knowledge needed to budget for new equipment as needed, which can save on reactive service calls
  • Potential energy savings: CLS’ inspections offers a great opportunity to convert incandescent exit signs (which use 40-watt bulbs) to LED exit signs (which use three-watt bulbs).



If you’d like to learn more about our fire life safety PM services, please give us a call at 800-548-3542 or contact us here.

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