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Case Study: Streamlining Veterinary Facility Management Services

About Our Client

CLS Facility Services was engaged to provide veterinary facility management services to a veterinary organization with more than 180 locations throughout 27 states.

The Problem: Decentralized Facility Management Causing Headaches

Before working with CLS, our client had been dealing with a variety of difficulties that make veterinary facility management services difficult, inefficient, and overly complex.

  • Rather than centralizing its veterinary facility management services with a single provider, our client had been utilizing more than a dozen vendors in each state.
  • Separate vendors meant the client had to obtain a new certificate of insurance (COI) and navigate a variety of differing payment terms. Scopes of work were also inconsistent, varying from state to state and vendor to vendor.
  • Communication with vendors was sporadic and inconsistent; the client was constantly following up with multiple vendors for information. Additionally, working with multiple vendors meant the client was coordinating with hundreds of contacts.
  • Vendor quotes featured a single line item with a price — lacking any detail to give the company confidence and clarity in what would be done.
  • Billing and invoicing for veterinary facility management services was a hassle as payments were going to hundreds of contacts at different companies.
  • Our client couldn’t keep up with its facility needs; finding people to do the work needed was time consuming and resulted in priorities falling behind.

The Solution: Aggregating FM Into a New High-Level Program

When the company decided to try a new approach, CLS Facility Services was engaged to streamline and consolidate all veterinary facility management services into a single program managed by our team.

  • We analyzed the organization’s site list to produce hourly rates for core services for each state. This ensured pricing was known upfront before service calls were placed.
  • We structured a uniform HVAC and FLS preventive maintenance (PM) program across all 27 states and locations, improving work accountability and oversight.
  • We assigned a six-person team with 85+ years of combined industry experience to streamline communication and reduce the client’s overall points of contact.
  • Vendor quotes featured a single line item with a price — lacking any detail to give the company confidence and clarity in what would be done.
  • We centralized communication for all new work orders via a new 800 number and specific email address.
  • Bi-weekly team calls were set up to review open quotes, prioritize action items, discuss opportunities, and keep all parties on the same page.

The Result: A Unified Effort with an Immediate Impact

By bringing all veterinary facility management services into a single program for all of its locations, our client was able to streamline workflow, improve communication and oversight, and ensure that its clinics had the support they needed.

  • HVAC PM programs for each cycle were completed during a 30–60 day period, and FLS PMs were completed during a 60–90 period.
  • We consistently provide email updates before the client asks for them, ensuring they’re proactively informed at all times.
  • Our team communicates with individual clinics to ensure comfort levels, verify successful completion of work, and ensure all systems and assets are functioning well.

Streamline Your Facility Management with CLS

CLS Facility Services provides a complete portfolio of preventive maintenance solutions for organizations across multiple industries with anywhere from 50 to 400 locations. Our program-level approach, highly experienced team, technology and management strategy, and nationwide vendor network ensures that all of your most critical assets — from lighting and HVAC/R systems to signage, FLS, and plumbing — are covered 24/7/365.

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