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Overcome Today’s Challenges with Expert Facility Management Training

Are you noticing a lack of coverage and maintenance support across your organization? Are you facing a shortage of skilled technicians across all service disciplines? Are you struggling to find new or consistent ways to train new and existing staff?

If you’re seeing a shift in your team, you’re not alone — the number of skilled workers in the trades is lower than ever due to a lack of workforce participation, a need for additional skill training, and older generations retiring faster than new workers can replace them.

That’s why CLS offers facility management training with a focus on maintenance across numerous asset types such as lighting, LED retrofits, signage, HVAC, refrigeration, electrical, plumbing, and more.

Here’s How Our Facility Management Training Stands Out

Expert Insights

Led by our internal team, our facility management training equips your staff with knowledge built from decades of experience across the industry.

Partner Support

In addition to our team, we bring in outside partners from the trades to provide practical examples, scenarios, and more.

Multiple Formats

Our facility management training can be conducted virtually or in-person — whatever works best for your team and their time.

Shorter Sessions

Training is conducted in 20- to 30-minute sessions to fit into attendees’ schedules and is focused on specific topics to ensure maximum absorption of the content.

Interactive Style

Shorter training also allows for Q&A sessions, and attendees are encouraged to ask questions to ensure they walk away informed and fully prepared.

100% Free

There is no charge for our facility management training. We believe in empowering leaders and workers with the knowledge they need for success.

Schedule Training for Your Team Now

Our training is tailored to your team and their needs and whenever you need it. Simply fill out the form below, and our team will be in touch to discuss a training plan and get you scheduled. Please also feel free to call us at (800) 548-3542.