Recognizing the Leaders in Facility Asset Management

At CLS Facility Services, everything we do helps our clients transform their facility management approach into a streamlined, proactive, and cost-effective program. While we bring a variety of services and value-adds to the table, our clients themselves are also part of the solution through their communication, length of partnership, innovation, sustainability efforts, and more.

This year, we wanted to recognize those clients that have gone above and beyond in demonstrating their commitment to these areas in their relationship with us. Please join us in congratulating them!

Proactive CapEx Planning Award

Under Armour

CapEx facility management planning is a strategic method that proactively identifies assets that need larger repair or replacement well ahead of eventual breakdowns. It uses CapEx resources proactively versus using OpEx budgets reactively. Our client, Under Armour, utilizes this approach with HVAC assets, thereby modernizing them, fostering energy and maintenance savings with new technology, maximizing warranties, reducing downtime, improving store comfort levels, and budgeting proactively in order to achieve short-term and long-term savings. Under Armour also consistently educates its staff on best practices, new technology, and more.

Team Communication

Salon Lofts

When it comes to organizations with a large number of sites, communication — both internally and with outside partners — is critical to success. Salon Lofts lives out a commitment to strong communication every day. For our partnership, they have always provided clear communication, precise expectations, and constructive feedback regarding our facility management program — particularly during a challenging summer season and despite having a large team with extensive responsibilities across their many locations.

Go Green Initiative Award

Hilltop Holdings

Sustainability is a critical topic in facility management, and opportunities abound for those willing to invest in improvement. Hilltop Holdings and its portfolio company, PlainsCapital Bank, are actively pursuing such opportunities through our partnership. PlainsCapital Bank recently conducted a proactive HVAC CapEx project to replace old HVAC assets before their end-of-life in order to reduce short-term and long-term maintenance costs and increase energy efficiency. The bank also piloted a cloud-based EMS project to reduce utility costs, maximize energy savings, and foster greener facilities. Hilltop continues to explore other energy- and cost-saving opportunities such as LED retrofits and be a strong leader in creating green facilities.

Client of the Year

Destination Pet

As an aggregator, CLS seeks relationships with clients where we can make a significant impact and support the entire facility management program. From day one, Destination Pet has enabled our organization to do precisely that. Their communication, trust, and support of our work have allowed us to execute a variety of facility asset maintenance work orders seamlessly and efficiently. They provided clear expectations and have been fully transparent, which has helped us to support them efficiently and effectively. We enjoy working with them and experiencing their passion for their work.

Legacy Partnership Awards

CLS is proud to have built many long-lasting partnerships over the years with retailers, financial services firms, restaurant brands, and many more. To recognize these organizations for their trust in us, we’ve established the Legacy Partnership Award. This year, we have two organizations to recognize with these awards.


Throughout our relationship, Piada has consistently provided clear and transparent expectations and requirements as well as a commitment to a long-term partnership. Moreover, they have demonstrated a commitment to growing with us by holding constructive business reviews and implementing new asset management programs to foster short- and long-term savings. We enjoy the passion their team upholds as well as their ongoing effort to stay proactive with facility management.

Cushman & Wakefield – Edward Jones

For more than 12 years, the Cushman & Wakefield Edward Jones team has put proactive facility management as a top priority for their locations. With proactive communication, green initiatives, and investment in their internal team, Cushman & Wakefield team has successfully launched and completed thousands of projects, such as more than 2,000 LED retrofits — helping them realize long-term cost savings. Their consistent tracking of environmental impact, proactive preventative maintenance, and controlled spending make them an industry leader in asset management. They continue to educate their team and update processes to maximize facility management performance.

Thank You from CLS Facility Services

Congratulations again to our clients here on their facility management awards. We are grateful to these organizations and their amazing facility maintenance teams and all of our clients for their trust and partnership over the years. We are fortunate to work with amazing people, and we look forward to supporting them for many more years to come.

If a long-term facility management partnership is something that would benefit your organization, our team is here to help. We’ll help you not only execute reliable asset maintenance services but also plan and budget more proactively, pursue energy- and money-saving sustainability initiatives, and more. Connect with us today to learn more.