We see them everywhere, every day, seemingly all the time.

We humans are besieged by thousands of marketing impressions from dawn ‘till dusk, and signs are a big part of that mix. Signs dominate the landscape of our cities, towns and suburbs. They invite us to eat, drink, bank, bowl, shop, sleep – they show us the way to nearly every consumable product and function within our modern world.

From this vast universe of signs, let’s now focus our attention on one sign – yours.

Your sign resides in a sea of signs. It’s the first impression your business makes on visitors; it tells them who you are, showcases your logo and points them to your store. It invites them inside, and it sets the table for what everyone involved hopes is a pleasant and productive visit. In all likelihood, it’s one of the primary components of your business’ brand.

Your sign, therefore, is very, very important. And so, it’s very, very important that your sign looks its best, and functions optimally, at all times – despite any number of factors that could do it harm.

Without a doubt, a poorly functioning sign puts your business at a competitive disadvantage. And with so many signs all around us, and so many invitations to spend hard-earned dollars at stores that surround yours, that’s not a disadvantage you should accept.

At CLS, we think signage has flown under retail’s radar for far too long, and it deserves its share of attention in your facility management spend. That’s why we have created a new e-book: A Logical Approach to Signage. We wrote it with a dual purpose in mind:

First, we want to share some basics of signage with you – what types of signs are typically used for retail applications, and what makes one type more appropriate than another.

Secondly, what we really want to emphasize is the importance of sign maintenance. At CLS, we believe a strategic and consistent program of sign maintenance is a wise financial move. Equally important, it helps to ensure that visitors find your store amidst the sea of signs we mentioned earlier; it gives them the best possible first impression as they prepare to enter your store; and it conveys your corporate brand in advance of the customer’s in-store experience.

Beyond those areas, we share strategies in this e-book for retrofitting existing neon and incandescent signage with newer and highly efficient LED lighting. And finally, we offer suggestions on what to look for in an outsourced sign maintenance partner.

If you have questions about signage, we encourage you to read our previous posts on the subject – or, call our signage professionals directly at 800-548-3542, or fill out our contact form. We welcome your questions, and we value the opportunity to spark dialogues about your business, and the ways in which technology and strategy can interact to strengthen your bottom line.