It’s a Complex Time in Energy — and Businesses and Consumers Alike are Paying the Price

Global circumstances, politics, energy supply concerns, rising rates, and increasing regulation are just some of the many reasons why energy prices have been consistently increasing. The clean energy solutions — which regulators are pushing for yet economic factors are hindering — that many companies are pushing for as part of their strategic initiatives are also seemingly falling out of reach.

For facility managers facing rising costs for energy, this presents a tricky situation. How can you reduce energy utilization and increase cost savings when rising energy prices and bills eat away at resources? All the while, that energy is critical to business operations, sales, safety, and more. While there are a few ways that facility managers can focus on becoming more sustainable, organizations with anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred (or more) locations should consider implementing building energy management systems to get a handle on energy costs throughout their footprint.

Understanding Building Energy Management Systems

While there are different types of building energy management systems, the key for facility leaders looking to drive organization-wide energy and cost savings is enterprise-level control. This is best achieved with a cloud-based energy management solution. Just as it sounds, a cloud-based building energy management system brings data about all of your assets into a centralized online system for easy control, changes, and management. These systems consist of sensors that are applied to specific assets (HVAC/R, lighting, etc.) and in facility spaces. Using tools like these enables a number of benefits:

  • Prevents wasted energy and costs due to unchanged interior temperatures
  • Enables more consistent energy use across all locations
  • Reduces energy utilization during periods of peak energy demand
  • Prevents energy being used in spaces that are not currently occupied
  • Measures individual asset performance and identify underperforming assets
  • Clarifies environmental impact and facility management ROI

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How the Implementation Process Works

Designed for organizations with multiple locations, our cloud-based building energy management systems can be implemented in short order once the program scope has been designed. Technicians will visit your facilities and change out the thermostat and other related systems to a cloud-based solution that can be controlled remotely. Consisting of an easy-to-use interface, our systems enable corporate facility managers — as well as site leaders if given access — to do the following:

  • Set location-specific temperature schedules based on time, date, and more
  • Deeply customize each schedule to maximize savings opportunities
  • Set temperature monitoring and alerts by location and/or asset
  • Customize and schedule detailed reports by site or overall program
  • Enjoy peace of mind thanks to a strong system warranty

The benefits don’t end there: Learn how they reduce emergency calls and help validate preventive maintenance programs.

Partner with the Facility Cost- and Energy-Saving Experts

Whether you’re looking to reduce your overall energy utilization as part of a larger sustainability initiative, gain greater control of and insight into location-specific energy use, or simply reduce facility management costs (or a combination of these), CLS Facility Services is the partner you’re looking for. With more than 50 years of experience supporting companies in multiple industries, we offer the capabilities and services needed to achieve your goals.

As an aggregator, we partner with proven, reliable service vendors across the country to execute large, strategic facility asset management and preventive maintenance programs. Our vendors have an average tenure of more than 12 years with us, giving you the confidence that the teams working at your locations have the expertise and follow-through needed to get the job done and done well. Along the way, our team will partner with you at the strategic level, helping you effectively plan budgets, manage asset inventories, and proactively stay ahead of challenges to make the best use of your resources.

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