Work with an Aggregator to Accelerate Your Growth

If you own a service business — whether HVAC/R, lighting, plumbing, or signage — you know that getting high-value commercial jobs can take time. While facility asset maintenance is a consistent need across multiple industries (can’t be open for business without heating, cooling, and lighting after all), finding those new opportunities — especially ones with consistent, reliable work — is challenging.

What vendors need today are FM supplier partnerships that add new revenue streams and help them consistently grow their businesses. The best way forward is to partner with a facility management services aggregator

An aggregator is a single business that specializes in facility maintenance services but does not self-perform those services. Instead, aggregators rely on a network of vendors, suppliers, and contractors to execute maintenance work at their clients’ locations. Depending on the number of locations and where the client operates, an aggregator may leverage multiple FM supplier partnerships to ensure all locations receive the service and support they need.

CLS Facility Services is Actively Seeking FM Supplier Partnerships

For more than 50 years, CLS Facility Services has been supporting some of the largest, most recognized brands across multiple industries ranging from retail and finance to office spaces, medical, and fitness. You can learn more about the type of work we do and who we work with in our case studies.

In particular, we work with organizations that have anywhere from 50 to 500 locations throughout their footprint. Through our national vendor network, we are able to offer a complete portfolio of facility maintenance services that include:

Our clients choose us over other facility maintenance aggregators for a number of reasons, just some of which include:

  • Our extensive history and reach that includes U.S. and Canada
  • A dedicated team with an average tenure of 12+ years
  • Strong vendor partnerships that have an average tenure or 14+ years
  • The ability to work on numerous work order management systems
  • We create a consolidated, online list of all assets with related information
  • We do more than execute FM; we also help with budgeting and planning
  • Our proactive approach prevents downtime and unexpected costs
  • We provide a consistent, uniform scope of work for all locations
  • Our online tools allow for seamless program tracking 24/7/365

How to Start an FM Supplier Partnership with Us

We are actively seeking new FM supplier partnerships to support our clients across the country. If you’ve been looking to add a new revenue stream for your business, we would enjoy the opportunity to meet you and learn more about your business and capabilities. You can start the process here.

Here’s what you can expect to provide during the vendor application:

  • Capabilities — what service lines you offer
  • Pricing — we’ll need to know your rates
  • Regions — let us know where you operate
  • Team — let us know how many technicians you employ
  • Fleet — if applicable, tell us the size of your fleet

Additional information will be gathered when our team reaches out to you. Please note that we have certain service level requirements for our vendors. An example is that we require estimates and quotes to be provided within 24 hours. Depending on the nature of the work, we may require faster turnaround — such as for emergency services.

With a bit of upfront work, you’ll be up and running as a CLS Facility Services vendor!

What Happens Next?

Once your vendor application is complete and our team has connected with you, we’ll begin working with you on preventive maintenance scopes of work and other programs based on our clients’ facility maintenance needs.

Currently, we have an immediate need for vendors in key areas of the country and for specific service lines, so fill out our vendor application form today to start building your FM supplier partnership with CLS Facility Services!