Choosing a facilities solutions partner is a crucial choice for your organization. You want someone who understands your equipment and its needs, someone you can trust and customer service that exceeds your expectations.

At CLS Facility Services, we address those concerns with our three exclusive Logic Programs. Follow the links below to learn more about each of these programs.

Using CLS Facility Services proprietary software
you can view your work orders, quotes, and locations.
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PM Logic®

  • Asset management
  • Equipment analytics
  • Budget optimization

QC Logic®

  • Certified contractor database
  • Third party contractor audits
  • In-house certified HVAC estimators

CM Logic®

  • Real-time work order status updates
  • Custom financial reporting
  • Dedicated customer service team


In addition to these exclusive Logic Programs, we also provide you with all of the service amenities that you would expect from any top service provider in our industry.

Client Service

  • “Do Not Exceed” review included
  • Process in place to limit and reduce emergency calls
  • Quarterly and year-end accrual information provided
  • Advanced electronic vendor insurance certificate tracking and notification system


CLS Facility Services proprietary software
allows you to keep track of all open work orders.
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  • Electronic quote submission/approval on client portal and mobile app
    (coming soon)
  • Multiple bids sourced to provide the best solution at the best price
  • National pricing through national product supply chain
  • In-house technical expertise
  • Quotes prioritized based on urgency level to assist in review process

Asset tracking

  • Asset tracking that includes location, serial number, model number, etc.
  • Warranty status tracking of all new and replaced components
  • Client web portal to view tracking data at any time

Belt Replacement

  • Belt replacement tracking including: belt replacement programs, T & M service and quoted service
  • Belt replacement review by date of installation ensuring belts are not being replaced too often
  • Proactive investigation into possible issues causing belt damage
  • Remedies to avoid future replacements

Vendor Auditing

  • Full vendor invoice auditing to verify labor and material cost
  • Random onsite audits of vendors’ work to verify compliance with CLS and client scope of work.

Vendor and Invoice Solutions

  • Vendor network built and managed over 40 years
  • Vendor scorecard to maintain quality of service and provide the highest quality vendors
  • Vendor Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system for check-in/out, scheduling,
    and quote information
  • Vendor web portal for paperless invoicing
  • Contractual rates in our database for all vendors

Client Online and Mobile Management (web portal and mobile app)

  • View and approve open quotes (app approval ability is TBA)
  • Review all open service calls by location
  • View all asset information by location
  • History of service for each asset
  • Proprietary PM Logic® score is provided for assets tracked under contract

We’d love to speak with you in person to tell you more about what sets us apart. Give us a call at
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