Commercial Lighting Retrofits and Maintenance

The rising costs of energy have many companies searching everywhere to find possible ways to reduce their budgets. Many companies have turned to lighting retrofits to significantly reduce their energy costs.

With the Energy Policy Act of 2005, significant rebates and dramatic improvements in lighting technology means there has never been a better time to upgrade your facilities and reap the benefits of a lighting retrofit project.

Whether you have a single location or several thousand locations, CLS Facility Services has the experience to handle any lighting retrofit project. Along with our trusted partners, we can handle the full management of your project from start to finish, including:

  • Complete lighting audit of each
    location to produce detailed proposal
  • In-depth lighting retrofit solutions and energy savings analyses
  • Coordination of labor, materials, and field level support
  • Achieving targeted budgets and timelines
  • Managing federal, state and utility rebates/tax deductions
  • Recycling all lamps and ballasts in accordance with EPA Regulations

What is a lighting retrofit project?

A lighting retrofit project revamps existing lighting technology with more energy efficient systems within the same electrical footprint.

A common lighting retrofit project begins with the removal of existing T12 lamps, magnetic ballasts, and/or HID fixtures and replacing them with T8 / T5 lamps, electronic ballasts, and high bay replacement fixtures within an existing facility. The project results in a positive increase in consistency quantity and quality of light. Energy savings are impactful for your business and make a large environmental impact. New lighting will assist in adhering to government regulations, as old T12 and HID technologies are being phased out.

In addition to T12 retrofits, many companies can benefit from LED and exterior lighting retrofits as well. We can work with you to determine exactly where your company can benefit most from an upgrade.

What are the benefits of a lighting upgrade?

A lighting retrofit project results in a host of benefits:

  • Lighting and energy savings of
    30-80% on all projects
  • Added energy savings in HVAC
  • Reduction in labor & material costs due to fewer maintenance requests
  • Strong manufacturer warranty on lamps and ballasts to help reduce maintenance costs
  • Government Rebates & EPA Tax Deduction opportunities
  • Increased lighting quality & consistency

How can CLS make my lighting retrofit project easier?

Our turnkey lighting retrofit management includes:

  • Site surveys with detailed lighting audit of facilities
  • Selection of materials that are the right fit for your sites
  • Site surveys lighting systems analysis
  • Tactical implementation strategy
  • Efficient project execution that minimizes interruption
  • Federal, state, and local utility rebate management
  • Warranty management
  • Recycling & disposal services

To learn more about our turnkey lighting retrofit solutions, please give us a call at 800-548-3542 or contact us here.

For more information on our national lighting maintenance services, please visit our national electrical services page.

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