8061 Tyler Boulevard, Mentor, Ohio 44060

Case Study: Lighting Retrofit Project for Tech Park

Situation Analysis

Survey of Tech Park conducted to investigate energy-saving and lighting upgrade opportunities

Interior Lighting

Most office spaces comprised of 4-Lamp T12 2′-by-4′ lay-in fixtures

  • Large opportunity for greater energy efficiency
    and increased uniformity of lighting levels
  • Soft buzzing sound in some areas from T12 ballasts that are running out of life
  • Lamps burned out in various locations
    throughout survey
  • Color rendering  varies throughout tenant spaces, due to varying levels of light output

Multiple suites already contain T8 lighting technology, some containing parabolic fixtures

4-Foot 2-Lamp T12 Fixtures located in multiple tenant spaces and restrooms

Exterior Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting has poles ranging from 16.5’ to 22’ in height with metal halide fixtures. Area resurveyed at night to gauge lighting levels

  • Lighting level is decent, but spotty, due to spread capability of fixtures
  • Perimeter of Parking Lot is quite dark, as light output only extends to certain zones
  • Some fixtures not functioning/lamps burned out, creating patches of darkness

Ground-Mounted Fixtures, Wall Packs, and Recessed Fixtures Illuminate walls and nearby areas. Area resurveyed at night to gauge lighting levels

  • Definite room for improvement of lighting output and spread of light for added security/safety
  • Varying levels of lighting output from metal halides, due to varying stages of their life cycle

Large energy and maintenance savings are available with conversion to LED technology

Rebate Opportunities & Commitment to Project

  • First Energy Rebate Paperwork filed
  • Tech Park Lighting Retrofit Project gains First Energy Rebate Preapproval in the amount of $43,057.40

The Interior Retrofit Project

Interior Retrofit conducted during daytime ‘business’ hours

  • 1,200+ fixtures were retrofitted in just a 3-week time span
  • 4-Lamp T12 Lay-in Fixtures converted to 2-Lamp T8 Lay-in Fixtures with new reflector kits
  • Energy consumption reduced by ~70%, from 150+ watts per fixture to 47 watts per fixture
  • Rated life of new T8 lamps is nearly double that of removed T12 lamps, reducing maintenance
  • T8 lamps maintain stronger lumen output throughout their life, increasing lighting levels
  • Reducing number of lamps by 50% will reduce materials costs dynamically when new lamps are installed
  • All new T8 lamps contain 4100 kelvin color temperature
  • New lighting demonstrates uniform color rendering throughout tenant spaces
  • Lighting levels and appearance are consistent throughout the facility
  • All 2-Lamp T12 Fixtures are retrofitted to 2-Lamp T8 fixtures
  • Lighting output and consistency  improves via conversion to T8 Technology
  • Energy consumption reduced from 72+ watts per fixture down to 47 watts per fixture

The Exterior Retrofit Project

LED Technology is selected to replace all metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures

  • 65%+ energy savings of all retrofitted fixtures
  • 300%+ increase in rated life of LED fixtures, helping to reduce maintenance costs