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Case Study: Lighting Retrofit for School Gymnasium

Situation Analysis

School District’s gymnasiums are equipped with energy-deficient metal halides and they seek to upgrade lighting with a focus on energy efficiency and brighter facilities.

Survey & Lighting Audit

  • Four gymnasiums are surveyed to verify fixture quantities, condition, and mounting height
  • Lighting throughout all gymnasiums needs improvement. Many lamps are burnt out, resulting in darker patches in portions of the gyms
  • Many fixtures lack proper covers,
    so breakage of lamps could result in hazardous exposure to mercury
  • Color rendering is a yellowish shade, giving distant images an unnatural appearance

Behind the Scenes

  • CLS analyzes whether T8 or T5 lighting will yield the best lighting output and energy efficiency, based upon fixture spacing and ceiling heights in each gym
  • CLS looks at multiple fixture types, deciding upon a wire-guarded 6-Lamp T8 High Bay

The Presentation

  • CLS presents in-depth proposal, detailing project cost, energy savings, projected maintenance/material savings, and new fixture cut sheets for each gym location
  • CLS recommends utilization of 5,000 Kelvin T8 lamps, in order to provide a brighter “outdoor” feel in the gyms and foster over 60% energy savings

The Execution & Follow Through

  • CLS orders all materials and executes the entire lighting retrofit installation in each gymnasium
  • A time is agreed upon, when installations can take place without disruption of gym activities
  • Upon project completion, CLS manages recycling of lamps and ballasts with regards to EPA guidelines
  • CLS conducts a “Final Walkthrough” of each gym to ensure satisfaction and garner feedback

Final Numbers & Energy Savings Analysis

  • Project Cost: $38,200.00
  • Estimated Annual Energy Savings: $10,152.00

District Feedback

  • High school basketball coach declares: “After watching film of basketball games for 5 years, I can finally see the kids’ faces in detail and make out their uniform numbers clearly!”
  • Athletic Director, coaches, players, and fans all voice appreciation for brighter facilities with a “new, better feel” for gym class, practices, and games
  • No lamps or ballasts have been changed for over 10 months in any of the gyms, saving money for lift rentals, new materials, and maintenance staffs’ time