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Case Study: Lighting Retrofit Projects for 30-Store Automotive Repair Chain: Lube Stop

Situation Analysis

  • A regional automotive repair chain sought lighting upgrade
    opportunities, with a focus on energy savings, improved lighting quality, and prospective utility rebate benefits
  • Most stores have both energy-deficient T12 lighting and
    exterior lighting with large upgrade potential

Survey & Lighting Audit

  • 30+ sites are surveyed by CLS in a 1-week span. The surveys yield 95% T12 lighting in all stores, meaning large energy savings are possible
  • Many areas of the auto shops are dimly lit; employees in many locations complain about a lack of proper lighting output while they are conducting their work
  • Storage areas and perimeters of rooms are extremely dark; exit signs are old, broken, and burnt out
  • Many store managers emphasize dim interior lighting is a common complaint amongst their employees
  • Multiple store managers site that week exterior lighting is a nighttime security issue
  • Outdoor wall packs are old, many have cracked or cloudy lenses, while some are burnt out, providing little nighttime lighting for the exterior of facilities. LED Wall packs will clearly foster 70%+ energy savings

Behind the Scenes

  • CLS analyzes which interior fixtures can be retrofitted without the need for new fixtures, in order to keep the project cost efficient
  • New fixtures will be advised in some facilities where old fixtures cannot be retrofitted
  • CLS looks at a variety of LED Wall Pack options for exterior lighting, deciding upon a new LED item which will increase the spread of the light and brighten areas during the night
  • New Interior & Exterior lighting has a much longer rated life, which will help eliminate both short-term and long-term maintenance and materials costs for the client

The Presentation

  • CLS presents a detailed proposal, outlining the lighting room-by-room in all stores. Cost, energy savings, lighting retrofit solution
  • CLS recommends 5,000 Kelvin Temperature Lamps in order produce a more substantial lighting output and provide a bright, outdoor feel for clients who spend significant time in the drive thru area
  • New LED Exit signs offer 75%+ energy savings and keep the buildings up to code with State regulations
  • Questions are answered in detail as CLS outlines details of this turn-key lighting retrofit project

The Execution & Follow Through

  • CLS orders all materials and executes the entire lighting retrofit installation
  • Much of installation takes place during business hours, working in specific locations at different times in order to meet the client’s needs and not disrupt production and office work
  • Upon project completion, CLS manages recycling of lamps and ballasts with regards to EPA guidelines
  • CLS conducts a “Final Walkthrough” of the entire facility in order to ensure satisfaction and garner feedback. CLS files all final rebate paperwork and rebate check(s) are mailed directly to the client

Final Numbers & Energy Savings Analysis

  • Project Cost:  $73,454.00
  • Estimated Annual Energy Savings:  $16,583.00

Client approached lighting retrofits with a focus on energy savings and the final projects’ outcome produced energy savings, in addition to a substantial upgrade in lighting output, quality, and positive environmental impact in an industry where a “green” image is very important.  Dozens of employees are pleased with a brighter and more secure work environment.