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Case Study: Lighting Retrofit for Office/Industrial Facility: Martindale Electric

Situation Analysis

  • Company operates a 55,000 square foot, 2-story facility comprised of office space and production, in addition to an adjacent 3,500 square foot building with a production area
  • All facilities are comprised of an abundance of “T12” Lighting, in need of a lighting retrofit in order to produce new, energy-efficient lighting with an improved lighting output
  • Client is very interested in utility rebate opportunities in order to maximize the Return on Investment for this project
  • Client emphasizes that new lighting will improve employee morale and display a positive improvement to the older facility, in addition to a focus on a “greener” environment

Survey & Lighting Audit

  • CLS Business Manager and team of lighting experts conduct a room-by-room survey of all the lighting throughout the facility, focusing on ways to improve lumen output, maximize energy savings, and provide a new, modern and aesthetic look to the lighting
  • Focus on keeping the project cost efficient for the client
  • The audit yields clear opportunities to modernize the lighting in production and office spaces, while making it 55%+ more energy efficient
  • A lighting retrofit will offer large amounts of maintenance and materials savings and cease current issue with lamp and ballast replacements throughout the facility

Behind the Scenes

  • CLS investigates multiple lighting retrofit options for the entire facility, analyzing whether new fixtures are necessary or current lighting and fixtures can upgraded using the existing framework

The Presentation

  • A room-by-room lighting retrofit grid is presented, along with project cost, energy savings analysis, and rebate opportunities
  • Different color temperature options are presented and explained to the client, so that they may choose the best
    “feel” for the various spaces in their facility
  • Questions are answered in detail as CLS outlines details of this turn-key lighting retrofit project

The Execution & Follow Through

  • CLS orders all materials and executes the entire lighting retrofit installation
  • Much of installation takes place during business hours, working in specific locations at different times in order to meet the client’s needs and not disrupt production and office work
  • Upon project completion, CLS manages recycling of removed lamps and ballasts with regards to EPA guidelines
  • CLS and client personnel conduct a “Final Walkthrough” of the entire facility in order to ensure satisfaction and garner feedback. CLS files all final rebate paperwork and rebate check(s) are mailed directly to the client