PM Logic®


PM Logic® Takes the Guesswork out of HVAC Management and Maintenance

  • Do you know the age and condition of the HVAC equipment at all of your facilities?
  • Do you know when each of your HVAC units was last serviced?
  • Do you know which of your HVAC units are under warranty and for how long?
  • How many emergency HVAC calls did you have during your last fiscal year, and how much did those calls cost you in total?
  • What’s the age, make and model of all equipment—including equipment that may have failed?

PM Logic® is an industry exclusive solution from CLS that transforms troubleshooting into logical and effective maintenance management. It provides easy, web-based access to industry knowledge that can save you time, keep your equipment healthy and efficient for years, and optimize your facility management budget.


How PM Logic® Works

PM Logic® is an easy-to-use online interface that provides comprehensive data-driven analysis and operational recommendations, including:

  • PM recommendations for your specific unit type, including situational and environmental variables
  • An in-depth database of all of your HVAC Assets (including make, model, serial number, manufacturing year) at each of your locations nationwide
  • Repair tracking and status updates, including a detailed history of service calls, repairs, open work orders and previous quotes
  • Equipment evaluation and replacement data
  • Development of recommended CAPEX unit replacement programs, based upon equipment age, condition, and work history on specific HVAC assets
  • Warranty tracking that helps clients realize money-saving opportunities
  • Energy management system installation and monitoring

PM Logic®provides a wealth of HVAC asset management knowledge that is both site sensitive and rooftop unit (RTU) specific. Just as important, it makes that knowledge easy to access and manage through CLS’ simple online system.

PM Logic Score

What level and frequency of repairs does your equipment really need?

Your PM Logic Score tells you.

A separate score is created for each RTU based on that specific piece of equipment’s history, no matter the number of units or stores.

Key inputs are derived from CLS’ extensive field experience, as well as from specific customer-supplied information.

Your PM Logic Score determines the optimal level and type of repairs needed on the equipment. Your budget will stay the same; you’re simply allocating the resources where they are most needed.


As a facility manager, you get service quotes every day – for windows, doors, plumbing, roofing, air conditioners and more. If you oversee hundreds or even thousands of stores, how do you decide which quotes are critical, and which aren’t?

Example: HVAC. You probably get quotes for repairs at locations throughout your geographic footprint…maybe a $700 service call here, a $1,000 repair there, a $3,000 replacement estimate somewhere else.

Before you know it, you’re blowing through your facility management budget, and there’s no good way to tell whether you made wise choices.

All quotes aren’t created equal – they should be considered based on established criteria, and prioritized accordingly.

At CLS Facility Services, our PM Logic solution manages this critical function, and helps facility managers make the right decisions on the many quotes they receive each day.

PM Logic helps you save money, keep your equipment healthy and efficient and optimize your facility management budget

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