Customer Testimonial - Property Management

As an absentee commercial property owner/manager, CLS Facilities Services has been an invaluable resource and has provided priceless peace of mind that our preventative and emergency HVAC, plumbing, and electrical requirements are/will be addressed, all by calling a single 800 number. We have utilized both CLS Facility Services'  preventative maintenance services as well as its emergency services, particularly as it relates to our HV AC systems.  With respect to CLS Facility Services'  emergency services, CLS Facility Services has provided such services when we needed them, challenged the service technician to “right-size” the solution, audited the price of the technician to make sure that our cost was reasonable and market-based, and made sure that the work was completed in a timely-fashion without undue disruption to the tenant.

Of particular note was the service that we needed Friday afternoon, December 23, 2011 before the long holiday weekend.  The HVAC at one location stopped working.  CLS Facility Services made sure that we had space heaters in-place before the end of the business day, quoted the work/cost to replace the failed equipment early the following week, and then followed up to let us know that if the scope of work was approved within a specific timeframe, then we would not incur the cost of an additional week of space heater rental.  CLS Facility Services was clearly looking out for the owner's  best interests.

In conclusion, we highly recommend CLS Facility Services to property owners and managers who are seeking an HVAC, plumbing, and electrical service provider with unparalleled integrity, service levels, and client commitment.  The decision to enlist CLS Facility Services to be our preventative maintenance and emergency service provider was clearly the right decision for us.”

Andrew Gelfand
Delaware Family Properties


Thank you guys for all your help, for always being
on time and accurate, your whole team is a
pleasure to work with.

Keep up the great work….you guys are great!!!!!!!

Amber Atkinson
Service Center Representative
Countrywide Home Loans