Customer Testimonial - Center for the Arts

August 16, 2012

I am writing to express my appreciation for the work CLS Facility Services conducted for Beck Center for the Arts (Beck Center) during 2012. You are welcome to share this letter with other potential clients, as a statement of my recommendation and referral.

The work of CLS included a full lighting audit and analysis of the lighting in each room of Beck Center’s three buildings, including a room-by-room lighting retrofit solution for each location.  In some areas, you recommended “no change” in spaces where the lighting was already energy efficient or
a retrofit would not be cost effective at this time. In other
areas, you made recommendations for removing fixtures in order to increase energy savings.

We received a detailed proposal, including project cost, estimated energy savings, and estimated rebate opportunities.  CLS analyzed our utility bills to examine our current rates in order to provide precise calculations, providing detail in describing the look of the new lighting, the environmental impact and energy savings, and also different options on the color of the light that we could select from for our facility.

CLS talked about areas where new fixtures were recommended, but how we could save money by retrofit the existing fixtures, in order to keep the project cost efficient for us.  We received detailed product specs for the newly installed equipment, in addition to warranty information on the lamps and ballasts.  CLS managed the delivery of materials, conducted the complete installation in less than 2 weeks, and took care of recycling the materials that were removed during the lighting project.

We had many workshops where children were in various rooms and the technicians worked with our schedule to install the new lighting in those rooms when the time was appropriate for our business. There was almost zero disruption of our day-to-day activities during a busy time of year.

The result is a clean, pleasantly bright lighting level throughout our three buildings.  I am grateful for your attention to the satisfaction of our constituents and the customer service you provided to me and my staff. Thank you again for your good work on this project.


Lucinda Einhouse
President & CEO
Beck Center For The Arts