Running Into Budget Planning Roadblocks?

As you begin to build your facility maintenance budget for the following calendar year, you undoubtedly are or (already have been) receiving  a significant amount of pressure to implement a strategy to reduce costs, provide accurate analyses of facility asset management, and ensure that you have the right partners in place to create trust and success.

Designing a buttoned-up facility maintenance budget amid an ever-changing marketplace can be the ultimate challenge — not only are labor rates and material costs on the rise, but having proper asset management data is imperative in forecasting for and building an accurate budget.

Here, we’ll provide you with several important facility maintenance budget planning considerations and questions that can help you understand what you may be missing as well as identify opportunities to make your facility management program more impactful, cost-effective, and clear for the road ahead.

Six Facility Maintenance Budget Considerations

Some things to consider when budgeting for the new calendar year:

  1. Can your facility maintenance partner provide you with a list of your HVAC equipment assets and pricing per location for the upcoming year’s HVAC preventive maintenance program?
  2. Do you have the ability to review your total number of electrical, signage, plumbing, FLS, and HVAC service calls placed over the previous year in order to budget for next year? Furthermore, do you know your average invoice cost so that you can project spend for the following year?
  3. Do you know which of your facilities have already been converted into LED so that you can budget a spend on LED retrofit projects for the upcoming year?
  4. Has your facility maintenance partner helped to create an HVAC CapEx program to help you manage older HVAC equipment assets and properly plan for HVAC unit replacement?
  5. Are you able to evaluate the percentage of your service calls that are emergency vs. non-emergency in an effort to reduce emergency service spends and save in the upcoming year?
  6. Do you have assurance that your facility maintenance partners are going to control costs and not issue a mid-year price increase of 10% or more?

Transform Your Budgeting Process with the Right Partner

Selecting a facility maintenance company that provides great service is imperative — but selecting a true partner who provides data and asset management is equally important.

CLS Facility Services not only brings 73 years of facility services expertise, but we also dedicate an experienced team with more than 100 years of experience who will help you to customize your reporting, provide industry-leading data, and support facility asset management to ensure budgets are planned for accurately and accordingly.

For the majority of our client relationships, we take a seat at the annual budget planning table — helping them to identify their major cost drivers, opportunities to reduce those costs, and recommendations to further streamline their entire facility management program. We can do the same for you, too.

Additionally, as an aggregator, we take more than facility maintenance budget planning off your plate — we manage and coordinate with all of the vendors supporting your locations. Not only does this greatly consolidate facility management efforts overall but also helps your team realign their focus on your organization’s strategic initiatives.

If you’ve been looking for ways to more effectively budget for the year ahead, or you’re seeking solutions for other areas of your program, connect with us today.