It’s a Challenging Time for Facility Managers and Their Vendors

You already know how difficult the past few years have been when it comes to nationwide facility maintenance. Not only did you have to reduce operations and navigate the resulting impact on sales, but you also likely faced new challenges with keeping your assets running at peak performance.

If your organization has been partnering with self-performing service companies for facility asset maintenance, it’s likely that the shutdown diminished their capabilities. Vendors that support nationwide facility maintenance programs had to downsize — in staffing as well as in their fleets — reducing the amount of coverage available to your locations. Vendors have also had to reduce their service territories, operating in fewer states and creating service gaps.

More recently, the Great Resignation has further exacerbated staffing troubles — adding to vendor service timelines and reducing the scope of those services. The ongoing supply chain issues, which are expected to continue for months to come, are only adding to the trouble.

And Yet, You Still Have Locations to Manage

While we’ve all had to make allowances because of the troubles of the past two years, that doesn’t change the fact that you still have to manage a footprint and the many assets running at each location. HVAC systems still need to provide heating and cooling. Lighting systems still need to create welcoming, safe environments. Signage elements must still point the way for your customers and employees. Plumbing must still flow.

For many organizations, bringing asset management in-house is simply not possible (more so today with labor shortages). This means you must partner with outside service partners to help manage your assets. And with consumer demand for goods and services continuing to grow, your organization will likely be growing, too — adding to the number of assets that need to be proactively managed to keep them operating smoothly. To ensure success, it’s important to partner with a facility management company that prioritizes consistently expanding its network of reliable vendors.

Proven expertise: Our vendors have an average tenure of 12.5 years with our organization.

Advantages of Partnering with a Nationwide Facility Maintenance Company

Service Consolidation

One of the best advantages of working with a nationwide facility maintenance company for asset management is that all preventive and on-call services are overseen and coordinated by a single entity. Rather than spend significant time researching and communicating with separate local providers for each facility (and for each asset), all of your HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and other service needs are routed to one company who then coordinates repairs and preventive maintenance needs for you — immediately identifying the best partner from their national network based on the location and need.

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A Single COI

As part of your relationship and work with vendors, you’ll need to obtain a certificate of insurance (COI). Imagine getting this important documentation for each vendor working on an asset at each location throughout your footprint. Not only is that a time-consuming process, but it’s also a difficult one to manage internally. And don’t forget, many vendors have reduced their service scopes and territories. Even if you already have a COI on hand for a vendor, there’s a chance that they won’t be able to help you — meaning you’ll need to undergo the process with new vendors all over again.

Realize greater value by centralizing your facility asset management with a single partner.

One Contact for Everything

If your nationwide facility asset maintenance approach to date has you managing multiple vendors for each of your locations, your database of primary contacts is likely extensive and edging on overwhelming. Because there are so many people involved, you also can’t build a relationship with them over time — they’re simply a person you call when something goes wrong or you need information. But by working with a single partner for your facility asset management needs, all of your communication is centralized through a single person or team.

Whether you need to address an unexpected problem, need to find documentation or reporting for a specific location, or want to discuss expanding the program, working with one partner that has access to thousands of proven vendors nationwide makes your work immeasurably easier.

Learn more about the importance of trust and transparency in your asset management program.

Now is the Time to Evaluate Your Vendor Approach

While the world remains in flux with the ongoing pandemic and many other issues that are keeping organizations on their toes, one thing remains clear: you still have locations with assets that need to be proactively maintained. If you’ve been managing countless vendors throughout your footprint to support your locations, there’s never been a better opportunity to make a change for the better.

Whether due to growth or consolidation needs, CLS Facility Services has the network, expertise, and service approach you need to streamline your work and see meaningful improvement in your program. We’ve spent decades building relationships with only the best, most proven vendors nationwide — from HVAC and electrical services to plumbing and general repair.

As your nationwide facility maintenance partner, you’ll benefit from complete asset documentation, easy online reporting, uniform scopes of work across all of your assets and locations, clear and consistent pricing, and dedicated team of contacts to manage your program. We participate in your budgeting process, can utilize a wide array of work order management systems, and more. Ready to make your life and work easier than ever?

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