Meet Our Manager of Administration and Human Resources

Affectionately nicknamed “the beekeeper,” Belinda Kuzma is the heartbeat of CLS Facility Services. Now in her 27th year of service, she is an integral part of all that we do and offer for our clients across multiple industries nationwide.

Prior to joining CLS, Belinda spent 11 years working for a law firm managing record retention and other administrative responsibilities. In 1995, after the birth of her second child, she decided to rejoin the workforce part-time.

A friend informed her about an opening at CLS — then known as Continental Lighting Services — that would be a month-long assignment. Toward the end of that assignment, she met with Robert Waldrip — the President and CEO of CLS — who invited her to join the CLS team.

She spent the next several years supporting our organization in a variety of roles ranging from administrative support, accounting to customer service. In 2001, she was promoted to the role of office manager. In 2006, she was again promoted to her current position of Manager of Administration and Human Resources.

How Belinda Keeps CLS Moving Forward

To say that Belinda is integral to our organization is a significant understatement. Throughout her years with us and well into her current role, she has overseen multiple areas of our business that keeps our organization running efficiently.

Just as her title states, her work falls into two primary camps: administration and human resources. On the administration side, she guides and informs countless aspects of our business. She helps to spearhead onboarding for new clients, manages client contracts, obtains certificates of insurance (COIs), develops internal processes, and oversees all aspects of keeping our Mentor, Ohio location well maintained and operational. Her HR responsibilities include managing benefit programs, developing policies and procedures, managing employee manuals and handbooks, keeping job descriptions current, coordinating performance evaluations, interviewing candidates, overseeing recruitment efforts, coordinating ongoing education programs, addressing employee questions and concerns, updating internal systems, and ultimately making CLS Facility Services one of the best places to work in Northeast Ohio.

How She Helps Others Enjoy a Rewarding Career Experience

Throughout her years with CLS, Belinda has seen — and indeed contributed to — how CLS has grown and shifted with the times to provide the best possible service to our clients.

“We take pride in the quality of our service we provide to our clients. Being in business for more than 50 years, we’ve done a tremendous job of adapting with the times. We started off serving only retailers but made changes to keep the company moving forward — expanding into new industries that have enabled us to continue thriving today. I hope that we continue to grow — we all wear a lot of hats, but we’re a tight-knit team and support one another.”

Beyond her HR duties, Belinda leads our employee activities committee, which coordinates events and social gatherings outside our office. Her leadership has made CLS more than just a company people come to work for — it has contributed to building a family culture that you become a part of:

“Anyone would be happy to join the culture we’ve built here. We’re professional but we love to have fun and are inviting to anyone. We’re a privately owned business with a family feel, and most employees have been here a very long time.”

A Career Filled with Meaningful Memories

Reflecting on nearly three decades of service, Belinda enjoys the fact that every day in her role is different, which she cites as a significant motivator. She has also built a wealth of memories with the CLS team. She appreciates the flexibility she was given to not only grow her career with our company but also to spend time with her family and be active in her children’s lives. She shares a fond memory of CLS’ second move to a new location:

“I remember when we moved into the building we’re in now — we hosted an open house for clients, family, and friends. It was a challenging project. We rebuilt the facility in 2009 from a damp warehouse into a beautiful, welcoming office space. The open house was a great opportunity to showcase it because we had to navigate a lot of work with architects, interior designers, contractors, and others. It was a huge undertaking, but the open house showcased all of our hard work. We had live entertainment, great food — it was a wonderful time.”

Outside of work, Belinda is a proud wife, mother, and grandmother and loves spending time with her family and two granddaughters. She and her husband recently bought a cabin with a pond where they like to relax and enjoy the outdoors. She also loves to cook and garden and is an avid Cleveland sports fan.

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