At CLS Facility Services we say it often and we say it loudly: You Deserve MORE…CLS Facility Services Delivers MORE. That mantra extends across our entire spectrum of services—from HVAC, lighting and electrical to lighting retrofits, signage, cloud EMS and more. Yet there may be no single CLS service that illustrates how MORE really does mean MORE to our customers than asset management.

We know…you’re probably hearing a lot about asset management these days. That’s all fine and well, but what does it mean to you as a facility manager—and more importantly, why does it matter?

Any facility maintenance company should provide great service if they hope to compete for your business. But asset management is what takes great service to a new plateau. Managing your assets and providing great service around a proven asset management platform is what really separates a facility maintenance services provider like CLS from the competition.

If you’re like many facility managers, you likely have stores of different footprints in different locations around town—or even around the country. Each store may have multiple HVAC units, and each of those units has its own unique history. Additionally, each store has its own signs, electrical systems, plumbing systems and so forth. How are you currently managing that asset portfolio?

  • Do you have a comprehensive database of all units at all locations?
  • If so, how granular is the detail within that database?
  • Does it include an updated inventory of all your facility assets?
  • Does it track every HVAC, electrical, sign, plumbing and general repair service call over the last three years?
  • Does it include warranty information on each asset?
  • Finally, does it enable you as the facility “quarterback” to make informed and intelligent decisions about maintenance and repairs in a proactive – not reactive – fashion?

It’s a big ask—but like we said before, you deserve MORE. Thankfully, the technology is available to make your life so much easier, and make a big impact on your bottom line. Yet sadly, many facility managers continue to rely on old, outdated systems and processes to try to track their extensive facility asset portfolios. It’s 2017, and still, we run across stores that use hard-copy spreadsheets to track all their HVAC, lighting and electrical and plumbing assets. That’s like using a pocket calendar when Microsoft Outlook is a widely accepted standard.

“Okay,” you’re probably saying, “You’re giving me great data—and lots of it. How am I supposed to process, understand and leverage it?”

Well, for facility managers like you, this information isn’t too much information. On the contrary, it’s all critical information that you need to know in order to track every work order and every service. The more salient question is, how are you accessing that information now—or are you even able to access it in a relatively easy and timely manner?

With CLS’ proprietary asset management capabilities, you’ll have near-instant access to all this information – and so much more – in an easy-to-use, intuitive web portal, as opposed to a spreadsheet or a long email paper trail, or a file cabinet filled with invoices. Just from the ease-of-use standpoint alone, which would you prefer? Also, knowing that your boss will forever ask for facility management budget reductions, which alternative offers you the best opportunity to save money?

More Asset Management Insights on the Way

We think the answers to these questions are easy. In Part II of our three-part series on asset management, we’ll build on the case for asset management by touching on CLS’ proprietary Capital Expenditure, or CAPEX, program. Using CAPEX as an example, we’ll explain how boosting your asset management capabilities can help you make smart decisions about the HVAC assets at all of your locations—and save big money down the road.

If you are looking for a facility management company with close to 50 years of experience managing multiple locations nationally, learn more about CLS Facility Services by contacting us at 800-548-3542 or by filling out our contact form.