QC Logic®

When it comes to finding contractors who you can trust, then accurately tracking their activities over time, QC Logic® delivers. How? QC Logic® allows you to feel confident that your work is being completed by the right professional, at the right price, at the right time.

Day and night, you’ll be at ease knowing that QC Logic answers your biggest contractor questions:

  • Who screens your contractors at the outset—before they begin work?
  • Who’s checking your contractor’s work to ensure no shortcuts are being taken?
  • When was the last preventive maintenance completed on each of your units?

Thanks to QC Logic®, you don’t have to worry about these types of questions. CLS Facility Services and QC Logic® have what it takes to earn and keep your trust:

  • Certified contractor database
  • Contractor audits
  • In-house certified HVAC estimators

With our proprietary certified contractor database, you can rest assured that the contractor performing your job has been subjected to our rigorous internal selection process that returns only the highest quality technicians.

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