HVAC Preventive Maintenance Case Study

Case Study:
HVAC Preventive Maintenance


Impact of performing quality and routine (quarterly)
HVAC Preventive Maintenance:


  • Company A has CLS performing preventive maintenance at 191 stores
  • Primarily mall-based and averaging 2,000 square feet per store
  • CLS has reduced time and material service calls (expenditure) by 17% over a 3 year period by conducting quality, thorough preventative maintenance on a quarterly basis

Additional benefits include reduced inconvenience to the store as well as comfort level in the store for associates and customers.


Result of skipping an HVAC Preventive Maintenance cycle:

  • Company B has CLS performing preventive maintenance at 273 stores
  • 100% mall-based and averaging 5,000 square feet per store
  • During difficult economic times, this retailer opted to skip a preventive maintenance cycle
    (winter, mid-season), which saved them $25,000
  • In the subsequent months they saw a 9% increase in service call volume over the prior year
    which resulted in expenditures of nearly double the savings of the skipped preventive
    maintenance cycle ($47,858)

Additional impact included uncomfortable stores, a reactive approach, and increased emergency
service calls.