CM Logic®


At CLS, we designed CM Logic® to address your most pressing facility management and work order questions. For example:

  • Do you know the status of all open work orders?
  • Do you know exactly which projects were completed in the last week?
  • Do you know the timeline on the critical repair at one of your showcase stores?

CM Logic® answers these questions and more by tracking every detail of the multiple projects consuming your day-to-day operations, and making it all easy to understand.

CM Logic® provides you with:

  • Real-time work order status updates
  • Custom financial reporting
  • A dedicated customer service team
With CM Logic®, you’ll never have to tell your boss, “I don’t know” to any of his facility management questions. 

Sometimes, a great web interface just isn’t enough. That’s why CLS provides you with a dedicated customer service team that is available to ensure you get the answers you need—when you need them.

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