We can handle all of your electrical needs from standard electrical services, to lighting and signage services as well. Learn more about our national electrical services.


Let us take the stress out of your HVAC management responsibilities with our industry exclusive PM Logic®, QC Logic® and CM Logic®.Learn more about our national HVAC services.


One call can handle all of your plumbing needs, from general maintenance to backflow testing/inspection to equipment replacements/upgrades. Learn more about our national plumbing services.

Self Performing

Learn more about our self performing HVAC, lighting, signage and electrical services in Ohio.

Energy Management

Let us save you on energy costs with lighting audits and energy saving projections, low-cost EMS installations and monitoring and new high-efficiency HVAC units. Learn more about our commercial energy management services.


A lighting retrofit project can quickly reduce your energy costs. Learn more about our national lighting maintenance services.

Project Management

Let us implement our consistent and proven approach to successfully implement your next project. Learn more about our facilities project management services.

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HVAC equipment represents a significant investment for building owners, both up-front and over time. Like any piece of equipment or machinery, it must be maintained and cared for. But, it eventually will reach the end of the road, even with the most attentive care. So, just as you plan and budget for repair and replacement of other equipment and systems throughout your facility or facilities, you should include HVAC replacement in that planning calculus.

This e-book details how your company should go about a HVAC rooftop unit replacement project:

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The rising costs of energy have many companies searching everywhere to find possible ways to reduce their budgets. Many companies have turned to lighting retrofits to significantly reduce their energy costs.

This e-book details how your company may be able to benefit from a lighting retrofit project:

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Properly preparing for the heating season can be a very rewarding practice for your business in terms of energy and cost savings throughout the season. This e-book takes a closer look at what you need to do to be fully ready when the temperatures drop, including preventive maintenance strategies, heating startup tactics and energy saving tips.

This e-book covers the following topics:

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Read our latest industry news below:

Visit CLS at the 2013 PRSM Mid-Year Conference
Booth #70
Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association

October 8 – 10, 2013
Connecticut Convention Center
Hartford, Connecticut

Join CLS at the PRSM Mid-Year Conference of retail facilities professionals. PRSM has an actively engaged community of multi-site retailers and reputable vendor partners who value business relationships, lifelong learning, industry credibility and recognition. Members depend on PRSM to help them achieve success and a competitive advantage through quality programs and resources. Register to attend this collaborative and educational sourcing event for retail facilities professionals.


Visit the CLS Booth at SPECS
Store Planning, Equipment, Construction and
Facilities Services

March 9 – 12, 2014
Gaylord Texan Hotel
Grapevine, Texas

2014 marks the 50th annual SPECS (store planning, equipment, construction and facilities services) event that is exclusively produced by Chain Store Age magazine. This 3½-day program is an intimate gathering of the top retailers and top suppliers for the purpose of learning, sharing ideas, developing partnerships and problem solving.


Visit CLS at the 2014 PRSM National Conference
Booth #929
Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association

April 6 – 8, 2014
Rosen Shingle Creek
Orlando, Florida

The PRSM 2014 National Conference is the largest and most widely recognized facilities maintenance event in the U.S. and Canada. It’s also the best, most beneficial marketing opportunity from face-to-face meetings and creating connection.
And, the best part? The conference is just the beginning.

At CLS Facility Services, we pride ourselves on the technical expertise of our service professionals. Our team has a comprehensive knowledge of HVAC maintenance and repair that can help you get the very best performance out of your equipment. In this e-book series, we hope to share some of that knowledge so that you can have this same, thorough understanding of your own HVAC equipment and thus maximize one of the most significant facilities investments that your organization will make.

This e-book covers the following topics:

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CLS Facility Services is pleased to offer valuable resources to the facility services industry. Below, you can find our E-book archive which we'll be adding to on a regular basis. You can download any of our e-books by following the links below.

Guide to Commerical HVAC Maintenance (Part 1) - Whether you are a new to the commercial HVAC game or just need a quick refresher, we invite you to download Part 1 of our Commercial HVAC Maintenance e-book series.







Preparing for the Heating Season - Download your free guide to help you get ready for the time of year when the temperatures start to drop.








Your Guide to a Commercial Lighting Retrofit Project  - Download your free guide to a money-saving lighting retrofit.








Your Guide to an HVAC Rooftop Unit Replacement - This e-book details how your company should go about an HVAC rooftop unit replacement project.


CLS Facility Services is a proud supporter of our Northeast
Ohio community.


CLS Facility Services is a proud sponsor of The American Diabetes Association and
the NEO Tour de Cure.



CLS is also a honored to be a sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House.


Other charitable sponsorships include:

Welcome to the new CLS Facilities Services’ Blog! Thank you for choosing us as a facility services resource.

This blog will take a look at many topics that concern facility managers across the country, such as: HVAC, electrical, energy management, lighting, plumbing and project management. We’ll be updating this blog at least once per week, so we hope that you’ll visit often. If you have any questions that aren’t addressed directly on the blog, you can always call us at 800-548-3542 or use the contact form on our website.

Now, on to our first post...

CLS Facility Services offers a unique turn-key solution to the implementation of a cost effective Energy Management System
(EMS) program.








Our Cloud-EMS solution gives you centralized control, monitoring, support and data reporting for one location or thousands of buildings located over a large geographic region. This system allows you to lower your energy and operating costs, measure the performance and efficiency of all your HVAC equipment and gain actionable data for energy budgeting.

You can have web-based anytime, anywhere access (including smartphone, tablet or computer) to your HVAC system for about the price of a programmable thermostat. All without any initial or recurring fees!

To learn more about our cloud-based EMS solutions, call us at 800-548-3542 or fill out our contact form.


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Each month, we produce our exclusive Comfort Clinic e-newsletter that highlights useful educational articles from our team of experts as well as the latest news and happenings at CLS Facility Services.

You can view our e-newsletter archive below:

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The cost of energy for all facilities is an escalating proposition. Looking to the immediate future, energy cost will continue to increase, therefore cutting into facility budgets. It is imperative to examine all of the options available to reduce energy consumption.

CLS has the expertise to help you reduce energy costs:


To read more about our commercial energy management services, please read our case studies here.


To learn more about our commercial energy management services, please give us a call at 800-548-3542 or contact us here.

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CLS Facility Services can be the one call you need to make to handle
all of your plumbing needs. Our national network of certified plumbers
and our national pricing and distribution models allow us to offer you
cost effective plumbing maintenance programs for all of your locations, nationwide.

Our plumbing services include:

General Maintenance and Repair

Backflow Testing and Inspection

Equipment Replacement/Upgrades

The CLS Difference: CM Logic®.

We back up our claim of “World Class Customer Service” with more than just words – we give you a whole team. Through CM Logic®, you’ll have the online and personal resources to help make sure the job gets done on time, every time.

If you’d like to learn more about our
logical approach to national plumbing services, please give us a call at 800-548-3542 or contact us here.

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The rising costs of energy have many companies searching everywhere to find possible ways to reduce their budgets. Many companies have turned to lighting retrofits to significantly reduce their energy costs.

With the Energy Policy Act of 2005, significant rebates and dramatic improvements in lighting technology means there has never been a better time to upgrade your facilities and reap the benefits of a lighting retrofit project.

Whether you have a single location or several thousand locations, CLS Facility Services has the experience to handle any lighting retrofit project. Along with our trusted partners, we can handle the full management of your project from start to finish, including:

What is a lighting retrofit project?

A lighting retrofit project revamps existing lighting technology with more energy efficient systems within the same electrical footprint.

A common lighting retrofit project begins with the removal of existing T12 lamps, magnetic ballasts, and/or HID fixtures and replacing them with T8 / T5 lamps, electronic ballasts, and high bay replacement fixtures within an existing facility. The project results in a positive increase in consistency quantity and quality of light. Energy savings are impactful for your business and make a large environmental impact. New lighting will assist in adhering to government regulations, as old T12 and HID technologies are being phased out.

In addition to T12 retrofits, many companies can benefit from LED and exterior lighting retrofits as well. We can work with you to determine exactly where your company can benefit most from an upgrade.

What are the benefits of a lighting upgrade?

A lighting retrofit project results in a host of benefits:

How can CLS make my lighting retrofit project easier?

Our turnkey lighting retrofit management includes:

To learn more about our turnkey lighting retrofit solutions, please give us a call at 800-548-3542 or contact us here.

For more information on our national lighting maintenance services, please visit our national electrical services page.

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With experience dating back to its founding in 1970, CLS Facility Services has proven to be a leader within the facility service industry.

Our service providers are ready to help with facility maintenance whenever you require the support, from complete project implementation to everyday repairs.

We offer in-depth help to facility managers for the most significant and costly areas of concern:


What sets CLS apart are our three, exclusive and unique Logic Programs:

We invite you to learn more about our industry leading facility maintenance solutions by exploring the rest of our site or calling us any time at 800-548-3542 or contact us here.

To learn more about our executive team, you can view our bios here.


Learn more about what sets CLS apart by reading
our white papers below.


November 2012

Read about Importance of the Heating Start Up

December 2012

Read about Maximizing Energy Savings with Lighting

January 2013

Read about Economizers Saving You Money

February 2013

Read about Reducing HVAC Repair Costs

March 2013

Read about The Led Advantage

April 2013

Read about Best Vendors Stand the Test of Time

May 2013

Read about Mini-Split Systems









Copy here.

In the world of facility management, executing a project on a nationwide basis requires an extremely high level of coordination and planning to ensure all budgets and timelines are met. From lighting retrofits to time clock replacements, CLS Facility Services has the experience and the national team to help you achieve your goals.

We approach each project with a consistent and proven approach:

  1. Determine your goals
  2. Outline scope of work
  3. Determine a budget and timeline
  4. Assign dedicated project management team
  5. Manage and integrate data throughout project
  6. Evaluate project and collect information
  7. Identify best practices for current and future projects

Let us apply our project management approach to your next project to help you achieve your desired results. To learn more give us a call at 800-548-3542 or contact us here.



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As the first national electrical services provider, CLS Facility Services has unmatched experience and expertise providing electrical, lighting, and signage maintenance to clients with locations throughout the country. In fact, in 2011 alone, CLS executed nearly 14,000 electrical related service calls.

With the finest national network of certified electrical service providers, we can offer year-round 24/7 emergency service with same-day maintenance issues and help reduce your costs wherever possible.

Electrical Services

Our electrical service technicians can handle a wide variety of your electrical needs:

Lighting/Signage Services

In addition to our commercial lighting retrofit services, we also provide a full complement
of lighting and signage maintenance services:

The CLS Difference: CM Logic®

“World Class Customer Service” is more than just words – we give you a whole team. Through
CM Logic®, you’ll have the online and personal resources to help make sure the job gets
done on-time, every time.

If you’d like to learn more about our logical approach to electrical, lighting, and sign maintenance service, please give us a call at 800-548-3542 or contact us here.

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Join the CLS Team - Career Opportunities




We are seeking a Regional Sales Representative to sell our services to the Retail, Financial, Commercial and Restaurant industries in the Northeast Region. Ideal candidate must be actively selling facilities services within that region.
Our sales professionals utilize our internal resources to develop customized programs for our clients. Communicating our programs to the headquarter personnel, and proving efficiencies at store level, increases your market share. You manage your territory, your clients and most importantly, your income!

• Highly motivated energetic professional
• A minimum of 3 years of sales experience
• Experience in selling facility services preferred
• Ability to successfully prospect and generate new business up to an executive level, while managing on-going relationships
• Computer skills: Microsoft Office Suite
• Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills
• A self-starter who is ambitious, success-driven and who thrives on prospecting and developing new business
• Willingness to travel
• A minimum of an Associate’s Degree

• Base salary plus unlimited commissions
• Very lucrative benefits package including medical, dental, life and disability insurance and an employer matching 401(k) plan
• World Class organization and over 40 years in business
• A warm environment with a highly motivated and positive team!

To learn more about joining our family at CLS Facility Services, please give us a call at 800-548-3542
or contact us here.

















Throughout 42+ years of facility management experience, CLS Facility Services has customized our approach to HVAC services to meet clients’ ever-changing needs by utilizing industry expertise and elite service.

CLS executes:

What separates CLS from other HVAC service companies is the approach we take with your HVAC requirements, leveraging our own unique brand of Logic. CLS has developed three industry-exclusive initiatives that will deliver "World Class” service to you.

PM Logic®     QC Logic®     CM Logic®

So, how does our Logic help you keep all of your locations at just the right temperature?

PM Logic®

Utilizing an easy to access online interface to bring you the knowledge needed to maximize your HVAC budget, PM Logic® gives you easy, detailed access to:

Learn more about how PM Logic® can give you access to the knowledge you need.

QC Logic®

Don’t you wish you had eyes and ears on your HVAC contractors at all times? QC Logic® is the next best thing. Through QC Logic®, we earn your trust with:

Learn more about how QC Logic® can help you learn to trust that you really are receiving the best work at the best price.

CM Logic®

We back up our claim of “World Class Customer Service” with more than just words – we give you a whole team. Through CM Logic®, you’ll have online and personal resources to help make sure the job gets done on time, every time.

Learn more about how CM Logic® can ensure you are receiving
"World Class Customer Service".

If you’d like to learn more about our logical approach to HVAC service, please give us a call at 800-548-3542 or contact us here.

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Robert Waldrip
President and CEO

In the course of a 25 year career in facility maintenance services for the retail industry, Robert Waldrip has proven to be a skilled executive and visionary entrepreneur. His career started with a $2.7 billion service company which in
turn led to an executive position as president and CEO in 1988.

Over the past 20 years Robert has successfully positioned CLS Facility Services
as the national Leader in “World Class” services.

Robert is also very active with the Northeast Ohio American Diabetes Association and over the past nine years has served as the chair position for both the Tour de Cure and the Leadership Council Committee.


Bill Brodnick
Chief Financial Officer

Bill Brodnick is a strategic executive with over 30 years of finance and technology experience. He has held senior management positions including CFO, CAO, and
SVP of Operations in companies ranging from private startups to publicity held
Fortune 1000 companies.

Bill brings his success in building finance teams for growing businesses and M&A experience to the executive team. His finance background combined with IT management, systems implementation, and technical expertise provides CLS with a strategic advantage.


Brian Lynner
Vice President of Operations

Brian Lynner directs and oversees CLS' Call Center, Procurement & Purchasing, Vendor Relations and Projects Departments. He has over 18 years of experience in facilities management in addition to over 23 years of professional sales and management experience. Prior to his role with CLS, Brian was a Regional Manager for a national retail video chain.

Brian is a graduate of The University of Akron where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Organizational Communication. Brian is an active member of SME (Sales and Marketing Executives) of Akron and PRSM (Professional Retail Store Maintenance).

Relax. You don’t need surveillance equipment when you choose
CLS. Finding contractors you can trust doesn’t take magic,
it takes logic – QC Logic®

When it comes to finding a facility services partner that you can trust, QC Logic® allows you to feel confident that your work is being completed by the right individual, at the right price.

You’ll be at ease knowing that
QC Logic® answers your biggest questions:

Who screens your contractors?

When was the last preventative maintenance completed on each
of your units?

Who’s checking your contractor’s work
to ensure no shortcuts are being taken?

Because of QC Logic®, you’ll no longer have to worry about these types of questions. It’s all about what we do to build your trust:

Quality checked, from the start

With our proprietary certified contractor
database, you can rest assured that the
contractor performing your job has been subjected to our rigorous internal selection process that returns only the highest
quality technicians.

Third party verification

All of our contractors are subject to
third-party audits of their work. We use these audits to help retain only the top contractors to service you and your company.

Get a fair quote, every time

CLS employs a team of certified HVAC estimators that ensure you always pay a competitive price for the services provided. Each quote is reviewed by our team prior to any work orders being approved.

Developing a contractor quality control plan isn’t a magic trick – learn more about the
QC Logic® solution today!

Contact Us Today


Looking for the right equation to solve your HVAC problem?

Asset Management + Equipment Analytics = Budget Optimization

Finding the answer doesn’t take magic, it takes logic – PM Logic®.

PM Logic® is an exclusive solution from CLS Facility Services that provides you with easy, web-based access to the industry knowledge you need to optimize your facility management budget.

What information can PM Logic® provide for you?

Do you know the age and condition of the HVAC equipment at all of your facilities?

Do you know when each of your HVAC units was last serviced?

Do you know which of your HVAC units are under warranty and for how long?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the answers to these questions at your fingertips?

PM Logic® is an easy-to-use platform that provides you with all of these answers and more:

Know your PM Logic® Score

You know that preventative HVAC maintenance is the best way to keep your facilities at the right temperature, but what level and frequency of repairs does your equipment really need? To answer that question, CLS has developed the PM Logic® Score.

The concept is simple – a separate score is created for each roof-top-unit (RTU) based on that specific piece of equipment’s history. Depending on the RTU score, our internal HVAC technical team determines the optimal level and type of repairs needed on the equipment. These focused repair alternatives are then recommended to you.

Knowing your PM Logic® Score is the best way to know what preventative maintenance is right for your equipment and your facility.

Online Management

PM Logic® provides you with a wealth of HVAC asset management knowledge, and, just as importantly, it also makes that knowledge easy to access and manage through our simple online system. 

Take the magic out of facility asset management – learn more about our PM Logic® solution today!

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There’s a better way to keep tabs on all of your work orders.

It doesn’t require magic, just logic – CM Logic®.

Have you ever wished you had help keeping track of the multiple projects consuming your day-to-day operations? CLS Facility Services is here to help with CM Logic®.

CM Logic® at your service:

Do you know the status of all open work orders?

Do you know exactly which projects were completed in the last week?

Do you know the timeline on the critical repair at one of your showcase stores?

CM Logic® is here to help — so you’ll never have to tell your boss, “I don’t know” to any of his facility management questions. CM Logic® provides
you with:

Real time reporting, all of the time

Our online maintenance work order system provides real time updates on all open
work orders without ever having to pick up the phone. In addition, you can generate custom financial reports from our CM Logic® program
at the click of a mouse.

Help when you need it most

Sometimes, a great web interface just isn’t enough. That’s why we provide you with a dedicated customer service team that is available to ensure you get the answers you need.

There’s no magic to the work order management process when you apply CM Logic® – learn more today!

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Existing Vendors

Current CLS vendors can login to our Vendor Portal here.

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You can access our Electrical Work Order Form here.


New Vendors

You can access our Contractor Services Performed Document here.

We welcome applications from qualified new vendors looking to join the CLS team. To learn more about becoming a vendor, give us a call at 800-548-3542.











CLS Existing Clients

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You can access all of CLS's resources below:


To contact a CLS Regional Business Manager:


Kevin Knox
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We are proud to partner with some of the most respected names
in our industry.



Carrier HVAC Services





CLS Facility Services has the experience and resources to help you solve the facility problems that you encounter every day.

Follow the links below for more detailed information on our service offerings.



To contact us, please give us a call us at 800-548-3542 or contact us here.

Choosing a facilities solutions partner is a crucial choice for your organization. You want someone who understands your equipment and
its needs, someone you can trust and customer service that exceeds
your expectations.

At CLS Facility Services, we address those concerns with our three exclusive Logic Programs. Follow the links below to learn more about each of these programs.

Using CLS Facility Services proprietary software
you can view your work orders, quotes, and locations.
(Click image to enlarge)


PM Logic®

QC Logic®

CM Logic®


In addition to these exclusive Logic Programs, we also provide you with all of the service amenities that you would expect from any top service provider in our industry.

Client Service


CLS Facility Services proprietary software
allows you to keep track of all open work orders.
(Click image to enlarge)

Asset tracking

Belt Replacement

Vendor Auditing

Vendor and Invoice Solutions

Client Online and Mobile Management (web portal and mobile app)

We’d love to speak with you in person to tell you more about what sets us apart. Give us a call at
800-548-3542 or contact us here.